Basics of mining

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135YZAL Z 2 1P+1C Czech
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Jiří Barták
Jiří Barták
Department of Geotechnics

The Fundamentals of Quarrying course introduces students to all the essential aspects of aggregate mining, an important part of the national economy, in a concise and understandable way. Aggregates extracted and processed in various ways are essential raw materials for most construction industries.


For the award of credit, an excused absence of 25 % from lectures and exercises is permissible, with a continuous check of attendance in the eighth week. Attendance at the practical training at UEF Josef and the credit interview at the end of the semester is compulsory.

Syllabus of lectures:

Lectures (1 or 2 hours):

Week 1 (2 hours): Mining Act (exploration, protected area, mining area, categorization of reserves).

Week 2 (2 hours): Opening and mining preparation plan (project documentation, EIA, conflicts of interest).

Week 3 (2 hours): Types of quarries, their impact on the landscape

Week 4 (2 hours): Quarry establishment, necessary analyses, opening. Methods of quarrying, methods of


Week 5 (2 hours): Quarrying, methods of quarrying, location and slopes of quarries .

Week 6 (2 hours) Basic explosives theory.

Week 7 (2 hours) Incendiaries. Electric, non-electric and electronic detonators.

Week 8 (1 hour) Detonation systems, Irregularities in blasting.

Week 9 (1 hour) Blasting in quarries. Sizing of charges.

Week 10 (1 hour) Blasting underground.

Week 11 (1 hour) Seismic effects of blasting. Technical seismicity.

Week 12 (8 hours): Practical training (exercises) in UEF Joseph.

Week 13 (1 hour): Credit interview.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Weeks 1 to 7 will be lectures only.

Week 8 (1 hour): design and assessment of the ignition system.

Week 9 (1 hour): Sizing of the screen blast charge.

Week 10 (1 hr): Design of borehole scheme for tunneling.

Week 11 (1 hr): Assessment of seismic effects for specified parameters.

Week 12 (8 hrs): Practical training (exercise) in UEF Joseph.

Week 13 (1 hour): Credit interview.

Note: The determination of the week for the practical training at UEF Josef will be determined in agreement with the students and the UEF Josef management.

Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to introduce students to the extraordinary importance of quarried aggregates for the construction industry. It is the basis for the production of cement and lime, it is also necessary for the production of steel (slag formation), it is used in road construction (base layers, coated crushed stone), in railway construction (gravel beds), in water construction (earthen dams, stream treatment). The acquired knowledge of blasting can also be used in other construction sectors, e.g. in earthworks, building foundation and excavation of underground structures. The assessment of seismic effects of various origins has a similar wider application.

Study materials:

Barták, J.: Přednáškový powerpoint .

Pravda, V., Bětík, J: Trhací práce v hornictví, stavebnictví a speleologii.

Dojčár, O., Horký, J., Kořínek, R.: Trhacia technika

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