Light and the Building - Selected Topics

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D24SST ZK 1P Czech
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Lenka Maierová, Jaroslav Vychytil
Lenka Maierová, Jaroslav Vychytil
Lenka Maierová, Jaroslav Vychytil
Department of Architectural Engineering

Lighting needs to be understand as complex issue, overlapping between technical and non-technical disciplines. The forthcoming European standard on daylight in buildings introduces new approaches to assess the quality of the lighting environments in buildings; a number of new technologies and tools are available to measure and optimize lighting inside and outside buildings.

Using these tools, light-technical tasks are addressed within the D24SST, focusing on providing visual comfort, controlling for health aspects and taking into account the use of the room. A suitable compromise is sought between numerous requirements of the quality of the indoor environment, energy, economic and operational parameters.

The practical use of the measuring instruments is an inseparable part of the course in the determination of selected lightning technical quantities and parameters. Illuminance, luminance, the property of a material to transmit light, the influence of pollution, the influence of light reflection etc. count among them.


Willingness to search, to try, to learn, to think critically. Desire to move in an interdisciplinary environment.

Syllabus of lectures:

The introduction to the course will summarize the basic requirements and new findings regarding the lighting of buildings. Subsequently, students will focus on the chosen issue in greater detail.

Syllabus of tutorials:

According to the number of students, according to the agreement with the teacher.

Study Objective:

A graduate of the course should be able to „see“ and „predict“ light in space. The student should acquire the necessary theoretical knowledge, practical procedures and a feeling for the conscious use of light as a structural element, as a primary tool in the work of an architect/constructor. A comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach makes it possible to use current technologies and strategies for lighting in buildings as a means of creating quality, functional architecture.

Study materials:

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? http://thedaylightsite.com/library-3/books/

? Websites of the course and of teachers.

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