Diagnostics of Structures

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D32DIA ZK 2P Czech
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Pavel Padevět, Tomáš Plachý
Pavel Padevět, Tomáš Plachý
Department of Mechanics

The course is aimed at getting to know the method of sampling and obtaining building materials for the purpose of determining their properties. Students are introduced to the diagnostic methods of determining the properties of materials essential for the assessment of constructions from the designer's point of view (static, dynamic foundations, physical foundations). A follow-up topic is the use of calculation tools with data obtained from the performed diagnostics. Part of the course content is devoted to approaches and depth of diagnostic methods. The result of the construction diagnostics is the determination of the remaining life or usability of the constructions.

1. Diagnostic methods in the construction industry

2. Background for the implementation of diagnostic methods.

3. Diagnostics of building materials in laboratory conditions I

4. Diagnostics of building materials in laboratory conditions II

5. Analysis of building materials by the approach of determining the dynamic properties of materials.

6. Dynamic properties of building structures detectable in situ. Ways of choosing measurement sites, preparation of experiments, expected results, their evaluation.

7. Computational methods for processing data from construction diagnostics (static and dynamic), material properties as inputs for construction assessment.

8. Multi-level analysis of building structures, synthesis of survey results.

9. Diagnostics at the level of need for the design of reconstructions, modernizations and repairs of building structures.

10. Diagnostics for the needs of accelerated decision-making measures for interventions in building constructions (needs of IRS, building authorities, etc.).

11. Lifetime of constructions resulting from the results of construction diagnostics.

The subject will be taught only in the Czech language.

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The aim of the course is to provide students with an insight into the principles of determining material properties, dynamic properties of structures, approach to investigation and diagnosis of structures.

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