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Department of Urban Design

Planning is vastly dependent on the creation, gathering and evaluation of spatial data and information. The course is focused on introducing students to the information technologies used in the planning process. The main topics are an introduction to the leading Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions, principles of GIS functionality, GIS data and data models and, specifically, the basics of the spatial analyses used for urban planning. During the course, students elaborate the seminar paper targeted to GIS analysis or GIS data processing in relation with a selected urban planning problem. The course is led with an accent on the practical training in working with GIS software in a computer lab. The software used in this course is ESRI ArcGIS Desktop


No pre-requisites

Syllabus of lectures:

The following list shows the outline programme of the course by week. The programme is tailored to both complete beginners with GIS software and more advanced users. The course works with the current version of ArcGIS Pro.

1. Basic work with ArcGIS Pro

2. Data and data sources

3. Visualizing spatial data

4. Fundamentals of cartographic layout

5. Georeferencing: raster and vector CAD

6. Data editing

7. Attribute editing

8. Spatial analysis

9. Multicriteria analysis

10. Network analysis

11. Raster analysis

12. 3D analysis

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

On successful completion of the module, students will be able to:

•Describe GIS principles and tools

•Create a drawing layout in ArcGIS Pro with data loaded from multiple sources

•Edit custom geodata including data attributes

•Analyse data using geoporcessing tools

•Methodically formulate the analysis assignment in GIS

•Use advanced GIS extensions such as network analysis or raster analysis

Study materials:

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