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Inorganic Chemistry 2

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Department of Nuclear Chemistry

The first part of course is devoted to systematical chemistry of elements. The properties of representative elements, transition elements and chemistry of coordination compounds are characterised. Selected chapters in the second part of course deal with catalysis, organometallic compounds and chemistry of solid state. The role of metal ions in biological environment is discussed at the end of course.


Knowledge of chemistry on the level of a graduate from a secondary grammar school. Completed course Inorganic Chemistry I.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Systematic chemistry of elements.

2.Main groups of elements, hydrogen, oxygen.

3.Noble gases, halogens.

4.VIb(16), Vb(15) and IVb(14) groups of elements.

5.IIIb(13), IIa(2) and Ia(1) groups of elements.

6.Transient elements and coordination compounds.

7.Ligand field theory.

8.First series of transient elements.

9.Second and third series of transient elements.

10.Lanthanides and actinides.

11.Catalysis, organometalic compounds.

12.Metal ions in biological environment, chemistry of solids.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. V.A group

2. IV.A group

3. III.A group

4. s-metals - I. and II. A

5. d-elements (types of complexes, electron configurations, properties, colouring, properties and reactions of selected elements)

6. lanthanoids

7. actinoids

Study Objective:

The course of inorganic chemistry provides the students with the knowledge of the systematic chemistry of elements.

The students will acquire competence to apprehend the advanced specialised chemistry courses.

Study materials:

Key literature:

1. Shriver D.F., Atkins P.W., Langford C.H.: Inorganic Chemistry, Oxford University

Press, 1994.

Recommended literature:

2. Greenwood N.N., Earnshaw A.: Chemistry of the Elements, Pergamon Press, 1984.

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