Czech/Foreign Language 2

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Code Completion Credits Range Language
104CL2 Z,ZK 2 2C English
Garant předmětu:
Svatava Boboková-Bartíková
Svatava Boboková-Bartíková, Naděžda Bonaventurová
Department of Languages

This course accents the communicative approach to language teaching. Therefore, individual lessons are primarily centred around an underlying topic that is complemented by the communicative language function. Further appropriate language aspects (i.e. grammar, lexis, pronunciation, skills) arise from the given communicative need.

Basic communication in common situations is further enriched by communicative skills in a more specific university environment.

The Czech course is intended for students in the English Programme,

who have already gained some basic knowledge in the Czech language, i.e. they are at A1/A2 level.

The course is aimed to provide training in language means necessary for communication in everyday situations and at university.

After successful completion the student gains a credit and exam.

End of course level according to CEFR: A2


Credit from 104CZL1 is required for enrolment. Additionally, may also be 104CFL1 only if agreed upon with the course teacher.

Syllabus of lectures:

This course is not a lecture but practical session:

Course code: 104 CL2

Duration: 2 hours / 1 semester

For more information see Outline and Syllabus of Exercises

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Topic: Timetable (time planning, parts of the day, semester); lexis: adverbs, time expressions

2. Topic: Everyday activities (preferences, schedule); grammar: verb - mít + verb/ noun

3. Topic: Duties (at the faculty, home); grammar: modal verbs (have to/ must/ can-could)

4. Functions: What did you do? (past tense); lexis: specific university courses, activities

5. Topic: Getting around on campus; grammar: genitive/locative; lexis: university vocabulary

6. Functions: Understanding announcements (equipment); grammar: nominative and accusative pl.

7. Functions: Problem solving (study dep., at the doctors); lexis: asking for help in basic situations

8. Functions: Administration (personal info., telephoning); lexis: formulating requirements, giving info

9. Functions: Characterizing study courses (adjectives, idioms); lexis: adj. for spec. uni. courses

10. Topic: Civil Engineer as a profession (description); grammar: specific verbs

11. Topic: Free time activities; grammar: revision of activities, time expressions (kdy/odkdy/dokdy)

12. Functions: CV (applications); lexis: time expressions; revision of spec. vocabulary

13. Revision (credit test)

Study Objective:

Basic communication in common situations further enriched by communicative skills in a more specific university environment.

Study materials:

Rešková I., Pintarová M.: Communicative Czech Intermadiate, Rešková, Brno, 2009, ISBN 80-902180-9-1

Holá L.: Czech Express 2, Nakladatelství Akropolis, Praha, 2006, ISBN 80-86903-24-9

: Hand-outs given by teacher

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