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E132503 KZ 2 0P+2C English
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Department of Designing and Machine Components

Elaboration of semester global project of mechanical drive of conveyor composed of electric motor, elastic shaft coupling (respectively V-belt drive), gearbox provided with two pairs of mating gears and compensating double-row toothed shaft coupling (respectively roller chain drive). Second, alternative arrangement of projected mechanical drive is provided instead of previous gearbox and additional mechanical drives by means of only one single-stage warm gearbox..

Elaboration of 4 additional reports analysing production and economic problems of assigned machine element (gearbox shaft or gear).

Besides project of mechanical drive must be elaborated design project of crank mechanism and its flywheel for assigned single-cylinder piston engine.


Award of classified assessment after successful defence of elaborated project before commission composed of teachers of subject Project. This defence may be forgiven in individual cases according to proposal of head of Project on assumption that student have attended design excersises, worked with activity and fulfillment of prescribed operating plan of subject works and all delivered parts of elaborated project own sufficiently high level.

Syllabus of lectures:


Syllabus of tutorials:

Design project of driving mechanis of conveyor:

- Preliminary design concept of whole driving mechanism.

- Design concept of gearbox.

- Assembly drawing of gearbox with all design calculations.

- Elaboration of two detail drawings (gearbox shaft and gear).

- Dynamic torsional analysis of whole driving mechanism.

- Assembly drawing of whole driving mechanism including its frame.

- Elaboration of four additional reports analyzing material, technologic and economic problems of production either of gearbox shaft or gear.

- Alternative concept arrangement of projected driving mechanism at substitution of gearbox and additional drive with single-stage worm gearbox. Assembly drawing of worm gearbox with all design calculations.

Preliminary design of parts of crank mechanism for single-stage piston engine (working machine). Assembly drawing of crank mechanism with all preliminary design calculations. Calculating design of flywheel for projected crank mechanism.

Study Objective:

Extension of practical knwledge and acquisition of basic skills for global design of driving systems composed of groups of machine elements and their assembly units with general use.

Study materials:

Jančík, L.: Design Project (study texts). CTU, Praha, 2003, Jančík, L.: Machine Elements - Tasks (study texts). CTU, Praha, 2002, Jančík, L.: Machine Elements and Mechanisms I (study texts). CTU, Praha, 2002, Jančík, L.: Machine Elements and Mechanisms II (study texts). CTU, Praha, 2002., J.E. Shigley; Ch.R. Mischke: Mechanical Engineering Design. McGraw Hill, New York, 1989.

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