French for Intermediate Students M3

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04FM3 Z 1 0+2 Czech
Garant předmětu:
Věra Šlechtová
Věra Šlechtová
Department of Humanities and Languages

The course is focused on improvement and further development of linguistic competence acquired during the follow-up courses. Syntactic structures (subordinate and infinitive clauses, participle structures, compound tenses). Text summary.

-Students prepare a written paper which will be delivered in form of an oral presentation in-class. The paper is linked to the field of students´ future specialisation or to their interest and generally covers a technical /applied science topic. It is not a translation but a creative work compiled from French articles and one´s own knowledge/experience.

-Longer monologues on topics /situations set for the examination are prepared.

Text structure, cohesion and coherence.


Linguistic knowledge and competence at level FM2.

Syllabus of lectures:

Technical topics from the lecture notes (physics, chemistry, geometry, graphs).

Languages structures: subordinate clauses, abbreviations by means of infinitive clauses , gerund, present and past participle, participle sentences, compound tenses, tense passé simple

General topics: From the history of technical inventions and scientific discoveries

Writing an outline, paragraphs, paper on a chosen topic and its oral presentation

Monologues on a given topic (list of set topics for the examination)

Syllabus of tutorials:

The course is run as a series of seminars following the topics and scope of the syllabus.

Study Objective:


Knowledge of morphology, syntax, and lexis at the level appropriate to the course, namely: review, systemization and expansion of verbal system by compound verbal forms, in syntax subordinate and paritipal clauses. Vocabulary expansion by general and technical expressions (mathematics, physics, chemistry). Pronunciation and spelling developed together with new vocab and grammar.


Application of acquired knowledge in everyday communication and in more professional contexts: reading of general, popular science and technical texts of average difficulty without or with a dictionary, looking for specific information, summary. Correct oral communication in social environment and on technical topics, including student´s specialization. Writing of : a paper, transactional letter. Usage of larger and more accurate vocabulary, idioms and varied grammar structures. Care of the style and spelling.

Meeeting the requirements qualifying for taking examination.

Study materials:

Key references:

[1]Lecture notes:Z.Panáčková: French for technical students of FJFI, ČVUT 2002

[2]Espace II, Hachette , Paris 1990

Recommended references:

[3]Panorama 2, Clé International, Paris 2004

[4]Lessons 8 - 12 from the electronic lecture notes

[5]La Recherche journal

Teaching aids:

dictionaries, grammar handbooks, audio program, map, language classroom, the Internet

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