German for Advanced Students P3

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Code Completion Credits Range Language
04NP3 Z 1 0+2 Czech
Garant předmětu:
Miloslava Čechová
Miloslava Čechová
Department of Humanities and Languages

The course consists of 3 main parts (general communicative situations, grammar and technical topics). Students will develop their vocabulary in a variety of less common situations (traffic problems and car accidents, accident report, filling in a form, complaints). Based on presentations and technical and subtechnical texts, the vocabulary range in fields such as nuclear power engineering, the environment, computer science, and car technology, will also be extended. Only authentic professional texts are used. By means of a presentation, students are trained to process information gained from their reading of complex and difficult texts and present it to the class in a simplified oral form. The course also includes translation practice to and from German.


a pass in course NP2

Syllabus of lectures:


1. Presentation skills

2. Kläranlagen

3. Energie durch Kernspaltung

4. Sonnenenergie,

5. Mehrzweckleuchte

6. Strom ohne Widerstand

7. Das Laser - ein Messer aus Licht

8. Wasserstoff - ein neuer Treibstoff

9. Wärme aus kaltem Wasser


1. Verb patterns

2. Prepositions with nouns and adjectives

3. Verb prefixes partially separable, partially inseparable


(based on the texts)

1. The environment

2. Nuclear power engineering

3. Alternative energy sources

4. Abbreviations and short forms of words

5. New technologies

Syllabus of tutorials:

The course is run as a series of seminars following the topics and scope of the syllabus mentioned above.

Study Objective:


Knowledge of morphology, syntax, and lexis at the level appropriate to the course, particularly verb patterns, prepositions with nouns and adjectives, verb prefixes, abbreviations and abbreviated words; lexis related to the environment, nuclear power engineering, alternative energy sources, new technologies.


To use the acquired knowledge in everyday communication and in more professional contexts both in speaking and writing, namely read, retell, summarise, and translate a specialised text (a set of instructions), explain and defend an opinion on a topic, prepare and present a paper, evaluate other students on the basis of given criteria (language, form, contents).

To qualify for admission to examination

Study materials:

Key references:

[1] E.Zettl, J. Janssen, H. Müller, Aus moderner Technik und Naturwissenschaft, Neubearbeitung,

Max Hueber Verlag 2006

Recommended references:

[2] M. Čechová, Němčina pro pokročilé II1, 2014, teaching materials prepared at the Department of Languages FNSPE CTU

[3] M. Čechová, Homepage, 2015 http://kmlinux.fjfi.cvut.cz/~cechomil/

[4] K. Kunkel-Razum, Die deutsche Rechtschreibung, 27. new edition, Dudenverlag Berlin 2017

Teaching aids:

language classroom, audiovisuals, PC lab

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