German for Advanced Students P1

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Code Completion Credits Range Language
04NP1 Z 1 0+2 Czech
Miloslava Čechová (guarantor)
Department of Humanities and Languages

This course requires good grammar knowledge, extended general vocabulary, and good communication skills acquired at secondary school to be levelled off at the beginning of the course. The course is then focused on working with technical and scientific texts and practising reading techniques (skimming, scanning, reading for detail). It revises and develops

more difficult grammar structures necessary for understanding a subtechnical text (passive voice, participles, participle structures) and it also focuses on practical everyday communication, i.e., telephoning.


competence at the B1 CEFR level

Syllabus of lectures:


1. Heimkehr

2. Edelsteine

3. Lesekurs Fachsprache

4. Das Periodensystem der Elemente

5. Tschechische Technische Universität

6. Fakultät für Kernforschung und Physikalisches Engineering

7. Das Studium an der Universität

8. Heizt sich die Athmosphäre auf

9. Haben die Computer die Welt schon erobert?

10. Computer - die beschränkten Alleskönner

11. Redewendungen beim Telefonieren


1. Adjective declension

2. Prepositions used with genitive

3. Passive voice + the „man“ subject

4. Present and past participle

5. Relative clauses

6. Participle structures

7. Gerund


(based on the texts)

1. Chemical nomenclature

2. School system, especially FNSPE and CTU

3. Telephoning

4. The environment

5. Information technologies

Syllabus of tutorials:

The course is run as a series of seminars following the topics and scope of the syllabus mentioned above.

Study Objective:


Morphology, syntax, and lexis at the level appropriate to the course, particularly adjective declension, prepositions, passive voice, participles and participle phrases, relative clauses, gerund; terms in chemistry, lexis related to university studies, telephoning, the environment, IT.


To use the acquired knowledge in everyday communication and in more professional contexts, namely to inform about the studies, university and faculty; read, retell, summarise, and translate technical texts. to write a communication based on facts, explain and defend the opinion, use adequate vocabulary in telephoning.

To qualify for admission to the higher level course NP2

Study materials:

Key references:

[1] E.Zettl, J. Janssen, H. Müller, Aus moderner Technik und Naturwissenschaft, Neubearbeitung,

Max Hueber Verlag 2006

Recommended references:

[2] M. Čechová, Němčina pro pokročilé 1, 2014 teaching materials prepared by the Department of Languages FNSPE CTU

[3] M. Čechová, Homepage, 2015 http://kmlinux.fjfi.cvut.cz/~cechomil/

[4] K. Kunkel-Razum, Die deutsche Rechtschreibung, 27. new edition, Dudenverlag Berlin 2017

Teaching aids:

language classroom, audiovisual aids, PC lab

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