Advanced measurement in machining technology

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Department of Machining, Process Planning and Metrology

The newest methods for measurement in machining technology will be taught in the subject. The principle and object of measurement; function, assembly and operation of measuring devices; processing and interpretation of results with discussion of consequences for practice will be practiced. Then, the possibilities of changes in working conditions will be discussed.

The theory of phenomenons and practical skills by means of measuring tasks will be taught in this subject. Course will be focused mainly on measurement in these topics: cutting tools and workpieces (microscope, CCD cam), surface integrity measurement (surface roughness - contact and contactless, microhardness, hardness, residual stress, accuracy), tool setting and balancing, cutting forces, temperatures, simulation of cutting process and chatter of machine tool-tool-workpiece system.


Fundamentals of technology II. - 2343038

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Introduction, goals of subject, safety instructions.

2. Cutting tools - tool wear I.

3. Cutting tools - tool wear II.

4. Cutting tools - clamping, set-up, balancing, radial and axial runout.

5. Cutting process - cutting forces and power.

6. Cutting process - cutting temperatures.

7. Cutting process - chatter.

8. Cutting process simulation.

9. Workpiece - roughness.

10. Workpiece - hardness, microhardness, hardening.

11. Workpiece - residual stresses.

12. Workpiece - dimensional and shape accuracy.

13. Credit.

Study Objective:

The main aim of the subject is to inform students about the newest measurement methods and devices used in machining technology. Important aim is also to teach students operate with the devices and correctly interpret results with regard to practice.

Study materials:

- Mádl, J., Barcal, J.: Základy technologie II, skripta ČVUT, Praha 2008

- Mádl, J.: Teorie obrábění, ČVUT, Praha, 1996

- Mádl, J., Experimentální metody v teorii obrábění , ČVUT Praha 1988

- Přikryl, Zdeněk; Musílková, Rosa, Teorie obrábění , Praha : SNTL 1982

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