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Understanding State of the Art Methods, Algorithms, and Implementations

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XEP33SAM ZK 4 2P+2S English
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Department of Cybernetics

In the course, the PhD students will study selected sophisticated state of the art methods that have an efficient implementation publically available. The course will focus on general methods that have been successfully used in a number of applications. The goal for the students is to understand the method, to understand the implementation, and to be able to use the implementation as a tool to solve other problems.

The course will include two strands. The first strand will be similar to a reading group - the students will individually study a self-contained material, typically a published paper. In the second, practical component of the course, the students will use an implementation of the discussed methods to solve some particular task.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. The lecturer introduces the topic that will be discussed during the next lesson. Motivation and brief introduction into the method will be given. Reading material will be distributed to students, and instruction where and how to download and install a relevant implementation will be given. An assignment, that will be solved using the publicly available implementation, will be introduced.

2. Students will read the paper before the next lecture (in two or three weeks), and will prepare questions and topics for further discussion. In the meantime, students are given the opportunity to consult difficult points of the paper.

3. At the following lecture, the paper will be discussed in depth. Application of the discussed method to the assigned task will be clarified.

4. At the lab exercise, the assigned task prepared at home, will be checked, discussed in detail and clarified.

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