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Department of Information and Communication Technology in Medicine

Introduction to software tools on MS Windows platform and GNU/Linux platform. Problem of portability of data-files, standardized exchange formats - HTML, XML, PDF, ODF, PNG etc. Introduction to administartion and configuration of MS Windows and GNU/Linux, programming of scripts, connectivity and comaptibility of major operating systems. Multiplatform applications - WWW browsers, e-mail clients, Office toolboxes, Graphical and CAD programs.


Half-year score min. 50 points from practical tasks (max. 100).

Syllabus of lectures:

No lectures in this course.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Technical overwiev of the modern PC platform, contemporary paarameters and typoval peripheries.

2. Systém features and installation of MS Windows XP and Windows Vista, installation of necessary additional software tools (firewall, antivirus etc,)

3. System features and installation of GNU/Linux, actualization of the software, automatical updates.

4. Comparsion of the desktop systems MS Windows, K-Desktop and GNOME.

5. Setting of the system services in GNU/Linux, connectivity with the MS Windows, Samba server and client.

6. Configuration and testing of the FTP server.

7. Configuration and testing of the NFS server, mounting of the remote volumes.

8. Using of the Remote Desktop, remote X relation, Telnet and ssh.

9. Portable data-formats for the exchanging of the textual and graphical information (XML, HTML, PDF, ODF, PNG etc).

10.Script programming in UNIX (bash) and MS Windows (WindowsShell)

11. Multiplatformn office toolset OpenOffice.

12. Muliplatform graphical software tools.

13. Multiplatform network tools - WWW clients, e-mail clients.

14. Multiplatform software development tools and CAD systems.

Study Objective:

Practical tasks from instalation, configuration, administration and usage of the software tools for MS Windows and GNU/Linux. Working with public Internet-available information sources and projects.

Study materials:

All stud. materials (incl. syllabus, practical tasks etc.) are available on e-learning server <a href="https://skolicka.fbmi.cvut.cz">https://skolicka.fbmi.cvut.cz</a>

[1] Kabir: Apache Server 2, ComputerPress, Brno 2004

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