Numerical Calculations of Underground Construction

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D35NVP ZK 2P Czech
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Jan Pruška
Matouš Hilar, Jan Pruška
Matouš Hilar, Jan Pruška
Department of Geotechnics

The course discusses the basic differences of structural calculations of underground buildings from those of ground structures (inaccuracy of input data, influence of the technology of implementation, main sources of errors, importance of parametric studies and back analyses). The principles of design of tunnels using the New Austrian Tunnelling Method are explained (stability of unreinforced excavation, design of primary shotcrete lining, design of the influence of supporting elements). Furthermore, the modelling of tunnel borings using tunnel boring machines (TBM) in rocks and earth shields (EPBS) in soils (including the influence of pressures before the face) is discussed. The principles of segmental lining design in mechanized excavation are also explained. The issue of overburden settlement is discussed generally without the influence of tunnelling methods. The basic tools for the calculation and design of underground structures (empirical relationships, manual calculations, numerical methods, available software) are presented and compared.



Syllabus of lectures:

-Inaccuracy of the input data and main sources of errors in the numerical modelling of underground structures

-Principles of modelling New Austrian Tunnelling Method (sprayed concrete primary lining, sequence of the excavation – ß method, influence of supporting elements (rock bolts etc.)

-Modelling of the earth shields (EPBS) in soils (including the influence of pre-face pressures).

-parametric studies and back analyses

Syllabus of tutorials:


Study Objective:

The aim is to introduce students to the problems of numerical modelling of underground structures mined by NRTM or tunneling machines.

Study materials:

Šejnoha, M. Pruška, J. Janda, T, Brouček, M. Metoda konečných prvků v geomechanice -teoretické základy a inženýrské aplikace. Praha: ČVUT v Praze, 2015, ISBN 978-80-01-05743-8

Debasis Deb Finite Element Methods: Concepts and Applications in Geomechanics, New Delphi: PHI Learning Privite Limited 2012, ISBN 978-81-203-4295-8

SINHA, Roghupati S.: Underground Structures (Design and Instrumentation). Elsevier, 1989. ISBN 0-444-88991-4.

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