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D04CES ZK 2C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Svatava Boboková Bartíková
Department of Languages

The course in Czech for foreigners is aimed at the university students’ needs for mastering written and spoken language with the basic inventory of linguistic structures needed for making oneself understood in common situations of everyday practical life; advanced students develop the ability of independent work with a simple technical text.

This course accents the communicative approach to language teaching. Therefore, individual lessons are primarily centred around an underlying topic that is complemented by the communicative language function. Further appropriate language aspects (i.e. grammar, lexis, pronunciation, skills) arise from the given communicative need.

Basic communication in common situations is further enriched by communicative skills in a more specific university environment.

The course is intended for PhD students, but is not compulsory, it is completed by passing an examination.

The Czech course is intended for students, who have already gained a solid basic knowledge in the Czech language, i.e. they are at B1+ level.

Information: sandra.giormani@fsv.cvut.cz


necessary B1+ language level in Czech

The course is intended for PhD students, but is not compulsory

Syllabus of lectures:

This course is not a lecture but practical session:

Course code: D04CES

Duration: 2 hours / 1 semester

For more information see Outline and Syllabus of Exercises

Syllabus of tutorials:

The content covers basic civil engineering topics and includes a wide range of tasks:


1. Studying at FCE CTU in Prague

2.Mathematics in construction

3. Geometry in construction

4. Building Materials I. - Properties of Materials

5.Building Materials II. - (concrete, steel, wood, plastic, ceramic materials)

6. Construction I. – buildings and building services

7. Buildings II. - transport sciences

8. Building III - water structures

9. Economics, management and environmental engineering in the construction industry

10. Architecture I. - Styles

11. Architecture II - Modern buildings

12. Surveying and Cartography

The above is an outline of possible covered topics, these many vary according to the real needs of each class, i.e. highlighted will be those that the students specifically need in their PhD specializations. Accompanying general English topics will also be added.

Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to strengthen students' communicative skills in the Czech language while studying at FSv. This is achieved through a set of language materials based on the core subjects taught at FSv. The ultimate goal is to support students' ability to use the acquired knowledge in practice.

Study materials:

Teaching materials:

Specially adapted teaching materials and B1+/B2 level grammar exercises

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The course is a part of the following study plans:
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