Design consideration

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Department of Manufacturing Technology

Relations between design, production technique and economic aspects.

Design considerations in casting, forming, welding, and surface coating. Basis for material and production technology selection. Component detailing for manufacture.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Ggeneral principles of the design for production.

3. Semi-product design considerations. Comparisons of casting, forming and welding.

4. Advantages, flexibility, difficulties and limitation of the casting process.

5. Principles of casting design with regard to stresses, impacts and fatigue.

6. Reduction of casting weight. Factors influncing casting prize. Casting quality.

7. Rules for pattern design. Limitation and possibilities in sand casting. Defects induced by metal solidification.

8. Principles of precision casting design.

9. Principles of the choice of casting materials. Relations between mechanical properties of test samples and real castins.

10. Examples of material choice.

11. Constraints and possibilities of metal forming. Criteria in forging proces design. Principles of forging design. Factors influencig dimensional accuracy.

12. Design criteria in shearing, bending and deep drawing.

13. Constrains and possibilities of welding. Design for welding. Weldability of steels.

14. Principles of design with regard to wear and corrosion. Design for surface coating.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Assignment of semestral works.

2. Ggeneral principles of the design.

3. Semi-product design.

4. Material selection.

5. Adjustment of shape and allowances.

6. Sequence of operations.

7. Submitting and supervision of semestral works.

Study Objective:

create assistance to solve the problems to achieve economically defect-free products

Study materials:

1. Bednář, B. - Šanovec, J. - Čermák,J. - Michálek, L.: Technologičnost konstrukce I 1. vyd. Praha: Vydavatelství ČVUT, 2005. 146 s. ISBN 80-01-03268-X.

2. Mádl, J. - Zelenka, A. - Vrabec, M.:Technologičnost konstrukce.1. vyd. Praha: Vydavatelství ČVUT, 2005. 135 s. ISBN 80-01-03288-4.

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