Electrical Equipment of Vehicles

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Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering

El. Source Power System - Dynamo, Control. Alternator, Construction, Theory. Alternator Control - Vibrating, and Electronic Way - Accumulator Battery.

Start-Motors Types and Construction.

Start - Motor Theory and Characteristics. Ignition Systems. Battery Ignition. Magneto Ignition and Electronic Ignition. Sensors and Converters. Servomotors and Electromagnets. Speed Motors Control and Contactless Switching of Power Load. (For Traffic Engineering Study).

Syllabus of lectures:

Accumulator Battery, Construction, Chemical Processes in Lead Accumulator, Car Charging System, Life Accumulator - Influences.

Staring Car System - Start Motor Construction, Start-Motor Characteristics. Dynastarter. Ignition System, Electrical Discharge in Gas, Spark Plug, Interrupter, Distributor, Battery Ignition, Magneto Ignition, Electric Ignition.

Car Lighting, Light Sources, Head-lights types, Head-light Control Range, Car Sensors, Non - electrical Values/ El. Values - Car Converters, Sensors Errors - Correction Principle. Placement - Sensors, Speed - Sensors, Acceleration - Sensors, Temperature- Sensors, Chemical- Sensors - Using in Electronic Car Systems.

Actuators, Electromagnets, DC - motors, PM - motors (permanent magnets), Brushless - motors, Speed - Control, Step - motors.

Motor - Electronic Control, Undercarriage - Electronic Control, Information and Diagnostic Equipment. Electrical Sets for Hybrid Auto-cars.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Car Dynamo Characteristics - Control System; and No -control System.

Alternator Characteristics, Charging System.

Alternator Diagnostics.

Start-Motor Characteristics

Head - light Illumination Measurement.

DC - motors and electromagnets.

Study Objective:

Mechanical properties and losses in electrical drive, General properties and control of DC drives, General properties and mathematical model of asynchronous motor, Control of drives with asynchronous motors, Introduction to power semiconductor converters

Study materials:

J. Novák - Elektromechanické systémy v dopravě a ve strojírenství - skriptum ČVUT - FS, Praha 2004, J. Javůrek - Regulace moderních elektrických pohonů - Grada, Praha 2003

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