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Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering

This syllabus presents advanced programming of WWW pages. It begins with HTML and XHTML languages given in the basic informatics course ZPP. An introduction to Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) is included. Client-side programming in JavaScript is explained with an active use of intensive computations and object oriented programming. In order to apply database techniques, server-side programming in PHP is explained simultaneously combining XHTML, JavaScript, and PHP. Project-based learning will be applied in this course with concrete applications on some free servers.


Full seminar presence on seminars and successful projects are needed.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Free-web servers, Internet free services. Repetition of basic html tags. Basic file formats - pdf, tex, graphics - jpeg, gif, archives - zip, tar, tgz.

2.html, xhtml, xml. Czech language encoding - CP1250, ISO-8859-2, unicode (UNI8 a UNI16). Greek symbols in html.

3.dhtml, styles (css), plug-ins, images

4.Forms - post, get. Form submitting

5.Javascript - forms with scientific calculations, variables, functions

6.Javascript - absolute allocation, div, ebeny handlers onmouseover and onclick

7.Javascript - objects

8.php and its relation to perl, python, C and BASIC. Basic principles of PHP programming.

9.php - get and post methods, transfer formats

10.php - calculations, functions, procedures, server files processing.

11.php - graphs, libraries of applications

12.SQL, MySQL functions and their use in php programming

13.Advanced Web projects, client - server applications, server - server relations

14.Apache and MySQL installation, configuration files and their setting with stressing good and safe functions.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Web server user account, simple html page.

2.Greeks, symbols and indexes on web pages.

3.Use of styles, css batches and files.

4.Introduction of individual projects.

5.Javascript - forms, calculations, variables, functions.

6.Javascript - allocation of images, event handlers, onmouseover, onclick

7.Javascript - objects

8.Basic programming in php.

9.php - use of get and post

10.php - calculations, functions, procedures, server files.

11.php - scripts archives

12.SQL, MySQL functions

13.Work on projects

14.Work on projects, classification of projects

Study Objective:

create an interactive web pages

Study materials:

Klán, Petr, Jindřich, Jindřich: WWW pro zelenáče. Neocortex, Praha 2002.

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