Design of the production of castings, forgings, stampings and welded parts

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Department of Manufacturing Technology

Principles for the preparation of production of machine parts with respect to the required quality and production efficiencies. Design of manufacturing processes, tools, equipment and machinery in foundries, smitheries, mills and welding shops. Adjustments to design machine parts with regard to manufacturing technology, materials and prescribed volume production. Determination of technological additions, production conditions, parameters and production times. Basic capacity calculations. Data for cost calculation. Design and comparison of alternatives.

Syllabus of lectures:

The role and objectives of the technical preparation of production. Modifications to the component design with regard to production technology, the required quality and volume of production. Technological allowances. Measures to improve and maintain quality. Principles of material selection with regard to the method of production. Benefits, application areas and risks of individual alloys. Basics of the process of production of castings, forgings, stampings and weldments. Proposal of production conditions, the basic capacity calculations. The choice of patterns, tools, fixtures, machinery and equipment needed. Initial data for calculation of production costs.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Modifications to the design of parts with regard to production technology and production volume. Proposal for technological allowances and measures to achieve the required product quality. Modifications to the draft of alloy used with regard to the production process. Proposal for required sequence of operations in the production of castings forgings, stampings and weldments. Proposal for production conditions and basic capacity calculations. The choice of patterns, tools, equipment, auxiliary materials, machinery and equipment. Estimated production costs.

Study Objective:

Learn to use a wide range of knowledge and background to the selection of optimal variants of production, materials, processes, tools and equipment in engineering production, with regard to the desired product quality and cost effectiveness.

Study materials:

Bednář, B. a kol: Technologičnost konstrukce I. Vydavatelství ČVUT, 2005

Král, M. - Dunovský, J. - Bednář, B.: Projektování výrobních procesů - návody ke cvičení. Vydavatelství ČVUT, 1989

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