Technology I.

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E331068 Z,ZK 5 2P+2C English
Jan Suchánek (guarantor), Aleš Herman (guarantor), Zdeněk Hazdra, Pavel Rohan, Petr Vondrouš
Jan Suchánek (guarantor), Aleš Herman (guarantor), Zdeněk Hazdra, Pavel Rohan, Petr Vondrouš
Department of Manufacturing Technology

Foundry properties of metals. Treatment. Pouring. Casting solidification. Moulding and core making. Thermal treatment. Plastic deformation. Division of forming processes. Semi-products, heating-up. Cutting. Cold and hot forming. Welds. Weldability. Weldment testing. Thermal cutting. Brazing. Surface treatments.


Fundamentals of technology I

Syllabus of lectures:

Metal Forming - Main principles of metal forming. - Classification of metal forming processes and terminology. - Preparation of stock material for forming. - Heating for forging. - Technology of bulk metal forming - upsetting. - Open die forging - methods, equipment - Closed die forging - forging procedures, equipment. - Roll forging, cross wedge rolling, rotary forging - principles, equipment. - Extrusion - methods, feasibility of production. - Rolling - methods, equipment, examples. - Drawing of wires and rods. - Sheet metal forming, shearing, bending. - Deep drawing - principles, methods, equipment. - Calculation of deformation forces for the basic forming methods. - Powder metallurgy. - Moulding of thermosetting plastics. - Moulding of thermoplastic materials. - Examples of other manufacturing processes for plastics. - Composites. Welding - Definition and classification of welding, advantages and disadvantages of welding - Basic terms of fusion welding, weld names, butt joint edge preparations, types of weld joints, their realizations - Technology of welded structures, definition, requirements, cases of weld joints - Welding metallurgy, description of individual phases of welding process (heat treatment inclusive) - Influence of gases on the quality of weld metal - Weldability of materials, basic requirements - weldability of steels. - Gas welding - principle, types of flames, welding technigues - Brazing and soldering - physical principle and metallurgical reactions - Electric welding arc - description of static characterization, metal transfer, sources of welding current (characterization) - Manual metal-arc welding (MMA) - Submerged arc welding; SA welding - Gas-shielded metal arc welding - Electroslag welding - Resistance welding - principle, division and description of individual methods - Special welding methods - basic description and division - Building-up - basic characteristics and application - Oxygen cutting and other methods of thermal cutting of materials - Stress and deformation during building-up - principle - Influence of technological conditions on welding stress and deformation - measures for stress and deformation elimination. - Evaluation of quality of welds - aim, basic division into groups and characterization of individual methods. Surface treatment - Metal Corrosion - Corrosion prevention - Surface treatment - types - Pre-treatment - Metal finishing - Inorganic coatings - Organic coatings

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Introductory, health and fire safety, diagramme Fe-Fe3C - revision, corrosion, kathodic and anodic protection

2. Surface engineering - galvanic zinkování, cleaning of surfaces

3. Surface engineering - test, reports

4. Casting - testing of forming materials

5. Casting - imperfections of castings

6. Casting - riser and gating design, investment casting, simulation of pouring

7. Forming - deformation resistance

8. Forming - deep drawing of four-edge vessel

9. Forming - bulk forming + test

10. Welding - welding robots

11. Welding - inspection of weld joints

12. Welding - MIG, MAG and TIG welding + test

13. Assessment test

Study Objective:

The aim of the study is to introduce the production technology for the engineering industry.

gaining fundamental knowledge about manufacturing processes

Study materials:

Bednář, B. a kol.: Engineering technology I.

Suchánek, J. - Bryksí Stunová, B.: Fundamentals of technology I. Novotný, J. a kol.: Technologie I.

Šanovec, J. a kol.: Technologie I. - návody ke cvičení Němec, M. a kol.: Základy technologie I.

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Time-table for summer semester 2021/2022:

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Laboratoř ZT1 12133

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