Practical Exercises in Separation Methods

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15SEPM KZ 3 0+3
Garant předmětu:
Mojmír Němec
Pavel Bartl, Mojmír Němec, Miroslava Semelová
Pavel Bartl, Mojmír Němec, Miroslava Semelová
Department of Nuclear Chemistry

The exercise consists of set of practical tasks, which show fundamental radiochemical separation methods, their modifications and utilization at work with radionuclides. The content includes liquid extraction, chromatographic, coprecipitation and electrochemical procedures.


1. Practical exercises in nuclear chemistry

2. Exam or enrolment in Separation methods in radiochemistry 1

3. Entrance test

Syllabus of lectures:
Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Determination of the total capacity of the ion exchanger.

2. Separation of Th-234 and U-238 by means of an anion exchanger.

3. Separation of Th-234 and U-238 using diethylether extaction.

4. Separation of RaD and RaE using dithizone extraction.

5. Separation of RaD and RaE using extraction chromatography.

6. Separation of RaD and RaE using paper chromatography.

7. UX2 preparation and determination of its half-life.

8. Electrodeposition without current - separation of RaD, RaE. RaF

Study Objective:

Students will get practical knowledge of fundamental principles of the main types of separation methods used in radiochemistry. After the course they will also get competencies to choose proper separation method and abilities to realize them in (radio)chemical and technical way.

Study materials:

Key literature:

1. Y. Marcus, A.S. Kertes: Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction of Metal Complexes, J. Wiley, 1969

2. A.J. Dean: Chemical Separation Methods, Van Nostrad Reinhold Company 1969

3. A. Vertés, S. Nagy, Z. Klencsár (editoři): Handbook of Nuclear Chemistry, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 2003, ISBN: 1-4020-1305-1

4. W.D.Loveland, D.J. Morrissey, G.T. Seaborg: Modern nuclear chemistry, John Wiley & Sons, New Jersey, 2006.

Recommended literature:

Media and tools:

1. Radiochemistry laboratory

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