Medical Ethics

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Department of Cybernetics

The aim of the course is to provide orientation in the general issues of ethics and in medical ethics specially. The course is divided into three blocks. The first block is connected with issues of General Ethics, while the second and third blocks are devoted to the ethical issues related to the health, disease, death and problems with medical interventions. The course is read by teachers, who are or have been active for many years in medical and nursing care. Open discussions are an integral part of the course, which forces the students to consider ethical questions and respond to them. In this way, the students learn to argue, to advocate, to search for answers, and to find common solutions. At the end of the semester students present their reports related to selected ethical issues. After passing all lectures, students are able to discuss and solve not only the general ethical problems, but also medical ethical issues.


ability to listen, to ask questions, to discuss, skill for making right conclusions. Acktive participation in exercises. Elaboration of semestral project and its presentation

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Ethics as philosophical discipline, history of ethics.

2. Fundamental ethics, main categories of ethics.

3. Hermeneutics: principles and applications in medicine.

4. Human behaviour, ethics in interpersonal relationships.

5. Medical ethics, Hippocratic oath, the ethical codex and the Czech laws.

6. True in medicine, informed consent, medical secrecy.

7. Ethical questions in geriatrics, death and dying, palliative care.

8. Transplantation, lege artis, clinical trial protocols, medicine based on evidence.

9. Euthanasia, Dysthanasia.

10. Ethical questions in genetics, embryology, infertility, assisted reproduction, abortion.

11. The rights of the child, fetus, handicapped, mentally ill.

12. Presentation of reports, discussion.

13. Presentation of reports, discussion, Colloquium.

14. Presentation of reports, granting credits.

Reports processing in groups and their presentations at the end of the semester.

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

The aim of the course is to provide orientation in the general issues of ethics and in medical ethics specially. The course is divided into three blocks.

Study materials:

Robert M. Veatch: Medical ethics, 2 edition, Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 1997.

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