Plasma Methods

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Department of Physics

Course description : The aim of this course is to get basic knowledge for understanding of modern and advanced plasma technology methods applied in engineering. Discharges in gases, characteristics of low temperature plasma, plasma assisted methods for surface modification. Principles of PVD and CVD methods. Plasma spraying, plasma application in material section. Coatings characteristics for application in machinery and other engineering branches.


Kinetic theory of gases, electrical properties of gases and solids, physics of atomic shell, chemical reactions - on the level of the basic course on physics.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction, outline of plasma technologies applied in engineering. 2. Discharges in gases as a plasma source for technology. 3. Basic plasma parameters and their measurements. 4. Plasma interaction with solid surfaces, plasma nitriding and other relative methods. 5. Physical principles of plasma deposition of coatings, coatings characteristics. 6. Magnetron sputtering I. 7. Magnetron sputtering II. 8. Deposition with low voltage arc. 9. Deposition by ion beams, IBAD, laser ablation. 10. Combinations of coating methods, duplex coatings. 11. Plasma chemistry, CVD principles. 12. Atmospheric discharges, surface modification of polymers. 13. Material section by plasma methods, plasma technology in future.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Selected plasma technology application in details. 2.Computing of basic plasma parameters in discharges. 3. Basics of vacuum technology, kinetic theory of gases at low pressures, gas flow regimes. 4. Pumping processes, vacuum pumps principles. 5. Measurements of low pressures, total and partial pressures. 6. Measurement of rotary vane pump and pumping speed. 7. Deposition of thin films by vacuum evaporation. 8. Deposition of hard coatings by magnetron sputtering. 9. Measurements and evaluation of coatings parameters: thickness, micro and nanohardness, adhesion. 10. Measurement and evaluation of tribological parameters of coatings. 11. Excursion at a specialized laboratory. 12 Excursion at a specialized laboratory. 13. Student´s reports, conclusions.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

Bunshah, R.F.: Handbook of Deposition Technologies for Films and Coatings, Noyes Publication,1994; Kluiber, Z.: Modern Topics in Physics, ARSCI, Praha,2003; Pouch,J.J., Alterowitz S.A.: Plasma properties, deposition and etching, Transtech Publications,N.Y.,1993.

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