Technology Assessment

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Institute of Pedagogical and Psychological Studies

Technology Assessment is a complex, multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary field on the frontier of philosophy and sociology of technology and has close relation to economics and prognostication. TA is a scientific, interactive and communicative process which aims to contribute to forming public and political opinion on social aspects of technology and science development.


Preparation of a seminary work and the final written exam.

The study places great emphasis on independent thinking about relevant topics as well as on active access of each student. The aim of the study is not just mechanical memorizing of a predetermined amount of knowledge, but the proper understanding of the often elaborately mediated connections between science, technology and society.

Preparation of the seminary work is an important output representing a feedback and control function.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. History and institutionalisation of Technology Assessments (TA)

2. Impacts of TA- 6 main concepts

3. Methodological approaches

4. Criticism of TA bases

5. Participatory TA (pTA)

6. TA in the Czech Republic

7. TA and sustainable development

8. Development of the relationships between technology and public

9. Consultant services, participation and TA

10. TA and Technology Foresight (TF)

11. Importance of the „knowledge society“ concept.

12. Technical works and their evaluation in legends, images and metaphors

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

The goal of the subject is to provide students with theoretical, yet in practice exploitable knowledge about the position of technology in society and about the role and responsibility of technicians as authors of technical solutions and artefacts.

Study materials:

BANSE,G., LANGENBACH, C.J., MACHLEIDT, P.(Eds.): Towards the Information Society.. SPRINGER - Verlag, Berlin, 2000, ISBN 3-540-41643-9.

FILÁČEK, A., MACHLEIDT, P.: Problems of Public Administration Reform Seen in the Context of Utilization of Information Technologies; 5 p. In: Innovations for an e-Society. Challenges for Technology Assessment, ITS + VDI/VDE-T, Teltow 2001 ISBN: 3-89750-097-3.

GETHMANN C.F., GRUNWALD, A.: Hodnocení techniky: přehled koncepcí. Věda, technika, společnost VII(XX)/1 1998.

JONAS, H.: Princip odpovědnosti. Praha 1997.

LOUDÍN, J.: Věda, technika a hodnoty, Teorie vědy 1-2/III 1994.

MACHLEIDT, P.: Nové demokratické formy hodnocení techniky za účasti veřejnosti, Teorie vědy 1-2/III 1994.

PROVAZNÍK, S.: Hodnocení techniky - příležitost pro demokratickou společnost, TV 1/1990.

Souhrnná koncepce resortu pro osvětu, vzdělávání, výchovu a informování veřejnosti v záležitostech ŽP, odborná komise MŽP, Praha 1999, ISBN 80-7212-093-X.

Further information:
Důležité internetové odkazy: http://www.ta-swiss.ch/ Jedna z nejlepších www stránek s problematikou TA je stránka švýcarské instituce Centrum pro hodnocení důsledků techniky TA-SWISS (Zentrum für Technologiefolgen-Abschätzung TA-SWISS)
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