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Institute of Pedagogical and Psychological Studies

This programme covers many facets of logistics and supply chain management to create significant competitive advantages. The graduates can find their career in the field of controlling the production planning and scheduling process; making effective use of the enterprise resources planning (ERP) system, while anticipating its impact on the manufacturing process and on inventories; planning and forecasting while translating internal and external customer demands; and managing the supply chain while evaluating it and making effective use of relevant tools, principles and concepts. In this specialization students will learn to meet these challenges by getting to grips with key issues in supply chain design. This involves pinpointing the best location for production facilities and distribution centres, and identifying the resources they need. They will learn how to structure operations management in production, warehousing, transport and distribution, and purchasing. The key is to give customers the standard of service they want and to ensure process reliability. Production and logistic management is about understanding the impact of customized logistical designs on overall performance. Students will apply advanced software tools for enterprise resource planning and integer linear programming problems, capacity analysis of production systems, distribution planning and vehicle routing.


Meet the requirements of the teacher (attendance, active participation, term paper).

Final Examination: Written part: theory, examples, oral.

Individual employment topics:

First task: Select any of the 10 municipalities in the Czech Republic, using the web page,, mapy.cz ". Planning and measurement of the routes, distances between these cities. Searching the shortest distances, the fastest distance.

Second task: Three types of inventory management models. In each model a student substituting your own values, including graphical interpretation of the results.

Syllabus of lectures:

(1) Introduction, description of the major issues, cost functions

(2) Designing and operating production Systems, cost management

(3) How much to order: Economic Order Quantity models, lot sizing

(4) When to reorder, statistical approach

(5) How Much to Order: Fixed-Order-Interval Model

(6) Scheduling in high, intermediate, low-volume systems

(7) Job and operations standardization

(8) Value analyses

(9) Kaizen and Poka-Yoke implementations

(10) The Master Production Scheduling Techniques

(11) Scheduling in Low-Volume Systems

(12) Effective projects of distribution channel

(13) Document management solutions for Logistics departments

(14) The historical evolution of pre-production systems, recent trends.

Syllabus of tutorials:


1. Logistics - development and modern requirements and functions

2. Breakdowns of logistics, its basic tasks (internal and external)

3. Business chains of a global market, performance and costing

4. Export strategy of the Czech Republic, intermodal transport systems

5. Administration and information flows in logistics

6. Methods for determining order quantity, cost minimization

7. Methods for determining the point of order, minimizing risks

8. Methods of fixed interval ordering, and special methods of logistics

9. Models to minimize the costs of shipping

10. Innovation storage and handling equipment

11. Japanese method of eliminating waste in logistics

12. Identification and control equipment

13. Case studies.

Study Objective:

Goals of the course Logistics are to introduce students with modern philosophy, approach and methods of effective product flow management in business as well as out of business. Students will learn how to predict, plan, manage and control modern logistic system in business.

Study materials:


(1) Kavan, M.: Projektové řízení inovací, skripta ČVUT, 2006.

(2) Kavan, M.: Výrobní a provozní management, Grada Publishing, 2002, ISBN 80-247-0199-5

(3) Svoboda V.: Dopravní logistika, Vydavatelství ČVUT, Praha 2004.

Doporučená literatura:

* Gros, I.: Logistika. Praha VŠCHT, 1996. ISBN 80-7080-262-6.

* Josef Sixta J, Mačát V.: Logistika - Teorie a praxe, Computer Press, 2008, ISBN 80-251-0573.

* Ballou, Ronald, H.: Business Logistics/Supply Chain Management and Logware CD Package Prentice Hall, (5th Edition), 2003, ISBN-13: 978-0131076594.

* Manrodt, Karl B., Ledyard Mike: Keeping Score: Measuring the Business Value of Logistics in the Supply Chain, Council of Logistics Management, 1999, ISBN-13: 978-0965865319.


Časopis Logistika, vydavatel Ekonomia, ISSN 1211-0957, EAN 9771211095,

http: logistika.ihned.cz.

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