Project Management

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Institute of Pedagogical and Psychological Studies

The basics of the project management-based approach to complex corporate processes, including analysis of initial preconditions for a successful project, integration of basic structural, technological, managerial and economic knowledge, all this based on network analysis. The course deals with the stages of project planning, implementation and evaluation, including responses to unplanned requirements and project risks. Field examples and analysis of field case studies.


Requirements for course credit: Attendance, active participation, presentation in Power Point, final test, presentation. Exam from lecturing topics.

Syllabus of lectures:

Modern Project Management. The Evolution toward Integrated Projects. Alignment of Pro-jects with Organization Strategy. A Project Portfolio Management System. Assessing the Ef-fectiveness of the Priority. Choosing the Appropriate Project Management Structure. Implica-tions of Organizational Culture for Organizing Projects. Establishing Project Priorities. Re-sponsibility Matrices. Estimating Project Times and Costs. Types of Project Constraints. Ra-tionale for Reducing Project Duration. Managing Project Teams. Managing International Pro-jects. Emphasis will be placed on the functional areas of initiating the project and project planning methodology. Each student is required to complete a project.

1.Introduction, description of the major issues

2.Definition of project goals strategy

3.Monitoring of project realization, continual improving management

4.Project manager in action, building trust

5.Project organization, structure and culture

6.The challenge of estimating project times and costs

7.Developing budgets, guidelines for times, costs and resources

8.Reducing project duration

9.Project partnering, the art of negotiating

10.Risk management process, identification and assessment

11.Projects of distributional channels

12.Specifications of quality management projects

13.Logistics and maintenance projects management

Syllabus of tutorials:

The first seminar will be divided into individual projects assignment. The term will be followed by workshops in which each student in fifteen minutes presenting your individual project, which will be a sign in front of others to defend.

Topics exercises (half hours):

* Assignment term paper claims and explanations

* Calculations in the preparatory stages of the project

* Calculations in economic phases of projects

* Tools for project risk management

* Calculations time estimates

* Methods capacitive forecasting

* Forming productive project team.

* Growing your own style of project management and reading other people's styles.

* Analysis of how different styles reflect the success of the project in progress

* Workshops with presentations of individual case studies according to specification.

Study Objective:

The goal of this course is to teach the students how to set up and manage a challenging project in all of its aspects. In particular, the focus is on projects of fast and financially successful launches of new products and company rationalisation projects (aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the company management process).

Study materials:

Kavan, M.: Projektové řízení inovací, skripta ČVUT, 2006.

Rosenau.,M. D.: Řízení projektů, Computer Press, 2000.

Kavan, M.: Výrobní a provozní management, Grada Publishing, 2002.

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