Automation of Building-Technological Projecting

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122YASP Z 2 1P+1C Czech
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Pavel Neumann
Pavel Neumann
Pavel Neumann
Department of Construction Technology

Spatial, technological, temporal structure of the object and complex construction process. Modeling the progress of network graphs, construction technology network graph, its connections. The use of typical network graphs and their modifications for rapid modeling of construction implementation. Databases of the system and their editing (construction activities, quality control, environmental aspects, health and safety risks), building construction modeling (creating a construction and technological project) up to the offer level, creating the most common documents (technological analysis, schedule, space-time graph, balance of resources over time ). Print reports for Excel Modeling network graphs of the building (project), mass editing, updating according to the actual stage of construction, aggregation of a detailed construction technology project into stage processes, stage of stage of construction, object, etc., creation of control and test plans, creation of environmental plans, creation of health and safety plans, balancing of multiple projects (2 hours), data transfer from budgets in Excel format to construction technol. projects. Data transfer from CONTEC system models to MS Project.


Submission of works within the prescribed deadline and required scope (TEAMS).

Compulsory attendance in classes, maximum 3 excused absences.

Continuous consultation of work and control during the course.

The above requirements are necessary but not sufficient conditions for successful completion of the course.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. General requirements for construction production modeling

2. Basic functions of the CONTEC program

3. work with activity database and code lists

4. Method of creating a construction technology project

5, Description of the transfer of foreign budgets function

6. Aggregation of budget items into partial construction activities

7. Mass adjustments of partial construction activities

8. Modifications to the schedule of the building object

9. Creation of a building construction technology project

10. Aggregation of construction technology projects

11. Control and test plan

12. Environmental plan

13. Health and safety plan

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Assignment of the whole semester's work, general requirements for the solved objects

2. Basic presentation of computer programs, their installation

3. Detailed familiarization with the use of computer technology for solving the given task

4. Solution of the spatial structure of objects

5. Consultation and practice

6. Solution of the technological structure of objects

7. Consultation and practice

8. Solving the temporal structure of objects

9. Consultation and practice

10. Construction site equipment solution

11. Consultation and practice

12. Completion

13. Submission of the entire semester's work

Study Objective:

To teach students the creation of a construction model of an investment unit for its preparation and management of its implementation using the CONTEC automated system.

Study materials:

Jarský Č., Musil F. a kol.: Příprava a realizace staveb, CERM Brno 2003, ISBN 80-7204-282-3

Jarský Č.: Automatizovaná příprava a řízení realizace staveb, CONTEC Kralupy n. Vlt. 2000, ISBN 80-5384-8

Jarský Č. a kol.: Příprava a realizace objektů a staveb, multimediální učebnice, FSv ČVUT Praha 2008, http://technologie.fsv.cvut.cz/aitom/podklady/online-priprava/

Zákon č. 183/2006 Sb. Zákon o územním plánování a stavebním řádu v platném znění

Vyhláška č. 499/2006 Sb. o dokumentaci staveb v platném znění

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