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Structures and Legislation of the European Union

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16XEU Z,ZK 5 1P+2C Czech
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Institute of Management Studies

Content of the subject: Brief historical development of ideas concerning unification of Europe and forming of European Union. Contemporary external and internal environment of EU in globalised world. Institutions and other bodies of EU ? their characteristics, function and interrelationships between them. Basics and principles of EU legislation, the process of creating and approving and EU constitution. Unified european market and its strengths and weaknesses, economic competition, currency union, defence and development policy and implements for their realisation (particulary for structural policy). Concept of welfare state and accomplishment of it in member states of EU. Process of the EU enlargement and its orientation and employment in globalized world. Visions, goals and priorities of EU and expected development within new programming period 2007 ? 2013.

Syllabus of lectures:
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Study Objective:

The general objective is to understand the goals of European Community (European Union ? EU), its structures and running of institutions and other bodies. Specific objectives: Learn about EU basic rights, legislation and policy. Learn about EU legislature, executive and judiciary institutions. Unsderstand the the position and the development of the member states in European Community. Explain the concept of European citizenship. Another goal is to develop communication and presentation skills and to teach using of terminology.

Study materials:

Hariga V.: Instituce Evropské unie, Praha, ICEU, 2002. Globální hráč - vnější vztahy Evropské unie, Lucemburk, Úřad pro úřední tisky EU, 2005. Duroselle,J-B. : Evropa a Evropané, Praha, Fortuna Print, 2002. Balík S., Fiala P., Mikš F.: Perspektivy Evropské unie, Brno, Centrum pro studium demokracie a kultury, 2004. Mezihorák F.: Evropanství a integrace, Olomouc, Nakl.Olomouc, 2003. Pomahač R.: Evropské veřejné právo, Praha, ASPI, 2004. Týč V.: Evropská unie a její právo pro začátečníky, Brno, Masarykova univerzita, 2000. Fiala P.: Evropská unie, Brno, Centrum pro studium demokracie a kultury, 2003. DRUCKER,P.F.: Výzvy managementu pro 21.století, Praha, Management Press, 2001. Kolektiv : Smlouva o Ústavě pro Evropu, EU-Luxemburg, 2005. Bore, A.- Committeee of Regions,: Regional and Local Powers in Europe, Brussels EC, 2002.

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