Curtain Walls

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124XLOP Z 1 1P+1C Czech
Garant předmětu:
Šárka Šilarová
Lenka Hanzalová, Běla Stibůrková, Šárka Šilarová
Lenka Hanzalová, Běla Stibůrková, Šárka Šilarová
Department of Architectural Engineering

The subject introduces the basics needed for the design of light outer skins, glazed roofs and skylights, it is focused on material characteristics and optimal selection of glazing units, their production and application. Students are introduced to the requirements for these constructions, the design principles and design principles of these constructions, including a concrete example of a design solution and a suitable material base

Students are shown the possibilities of using glass in architecture, including realized constructions.


SF 1

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Glazed roof coverings. Functions, terminology, general solution principles, requirements, shape solution, material solution, standards and regulations.

2. Glazed roof coverings. Principles of design, building physical analysis and material and structural composition variants of proposals for rehabilitating roof coverings. Thermal technical analysis. Principles of structural solutions - material variants. Construction details.

3.Practical demonstrations and examples of rehabilitation of glazed roof coverings.

4. construction principles of LOP creation, principles, LOP anchoring solutions.

5. All-glass LOP - design principles for solving details.

6. Accessories LOP.

Syllabus of tutorials:

Students bring their own assignments (civic or residential building). The assignment will include a situation, plan, section and view with a visible construction system;

The exercise will be processed on A3 format and will be supplemented with event calculations. sketches.

1. Peripheral shell - design, selection and assessment

2. Peripheral shell - anchoring system and its stability

3. Design and assessment of partition, floor and ceiling

4. Creation of continuity - perimeter shell, partition, floor and soffit

5. Credit

Study Objective:

The student acquires the ability to comprehensively perceive the construction principles of the creation and design of glazed packaging structures. He will be introduced to the effects of influences acting on assembly and construction structures, their mutual interaction and apply this knowledge in the design of assembly structures with a focus on flawless creation of detail.

Study materials:

Hájek - Novák - Šmejcký: Konstrukce pozemních staveb 30 - Kompletační konstrukce. Praha, ČVUT 2002, ISBN 80-01-02506-3

Florián: Inteligentní skleněné fasády. Praha, ČVUT 2005, ISBN 80-01-03195-0

Kolektiv: Ročenky ČKLOP 2016. - 2022 Praha, Česká komora lehkých obvodových plášťů 2016 - 2022, ISBN 978-80-905654-3-2

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