Urbanism 4 - Design

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555U4 Z,ZK 3 2P+1C English
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Department of Urban Design and Planning

Students will acquire information concerning urban design, morphology, topography and typology of settlement structures, relations between mass, space and activities in settlements, forms and structure of public space, infrastructure influences on an urban fabric, new tendencies. What are the questions of today that require the search for answers? Next theme is suburbanisation and different types of urbanistic low-rise formations and buildings, inclusive the problem of „urban sprawl“. The last theme is countryside, villages and settlements in open space, historical and regional points of view, the nature of landscape frame within cadastre limits. Changes (transformations) within the countryside during the last century, namely in agriculture technologies, housing, transportation etc. Within the whole subject theoretical background will be combined with practical field studies.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Urban design as a subject, relations with other architectural subjects, targets. 2. Determination of a settlement (a city and a village), limits and living environment. 3. Organization and spatial zoning of settlements, typology, public space. 4. Structure („building“) of settlements, typology, public space. 5. Infrastructure of settlements influencing urban structure. 6. Procedure of urban design, scale, proportions, relations, functions. 7. Countryside: definition, settlement types. 8. Protection of cultural and natural heritage. 9. Villages´ revitalization. 10. Urban sprawl, urbanization of countryside-lifestyle. 11. Programs for villages/countryside regeneration. Countryside buildings. 12. Recapitulation of all the above lectures. 13. Presentation of students studies.

Syllabus of tutorials:
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Study materials:

Lynch, Kevin: A Theory of Good City Form, Lynch, Kevin: Image of the City, Norberg - Schulz, Christian: Genius loci, Rossi, Aldo: The architecture of the City, Krier, Leon: Architecture: Choice or Fate, Alexander, Ch., Ishikawa, S., Silverstein, M.: A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction, Koolhaas, Rem: Delirious New York, Howard, Ebenezer: Garden Cities of To-morrow (1905), Gehl, Jan: Life between buildings, Copenhagen (2001), Base, Miroslav: Settlements and Buildings in Countryside (scriptum, CVUT 2006), Sykora, Jaroslav: Countryside Planning-Villages and Landscape (scriptum,2002).

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