Supervised Practical Training During the Semester IV

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17BZPV4 Z 2 8C Czech
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Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

The course is based on the Ministry of Health Decree No. 55/2011 which sets out the activities of health workers and other professionals.

The aim of the training experience, learning and attachment theoretical and practical knowledge in relation to teaching in the first year. Students gradually integrate the acquired knowledge and skills and uses them to posupnému knowledge of the pre-hospital emergency care in situations specific to emergency medicine and emergency situations in cooperation with the components of IRS.


Valid vaccination, training in occupational safety and health, relevant experience in the workplace confirmed Diary of professional practice, 100% attendance (to be replaced in the absence of another term)

Prerequisites: Practice under the direct leadership of the semester III.

Syllabus of lectures:


Syllabus of tutorials:

First Safe extrication, positioning, immobilization, and transport patients to ensure their safety

Second Participation in the consequences of casualties within the Integrated Rescue System

Third Emergency resuscitation using manual respirators, including cardiac defibrillation

4th Airway - an alternative technique

5th Assistance with child birth

6th Operation and maintenance of vehicles of all categories in the emergency medical services and the Integrated Rescue System

Study Objective:

The goal is training, acquisition and consolidation of nursing activities in relation to teaching in the first year. Students gradually integrates knowledge and skills acquired in medical facilities.

The course contents are internships that students approach the specific problems of individual institutions.

Study materials:

[1] ADAMS,B., HEROLD, C.E.: Sestra a akutní stavy od A do Z. Praha: Grada Publising, 1999.

[2] BYDŽOVSKÝ,J.: Akutní stavy v kontextu. Praha: Triton, 2008.

[3] CVACHOVEC, K.: Novinky v anesteziologii, intenzivní medicíně a léčbě bolesti 2005. Galén: 2005.

[4] DRÁBKOVÁ, J.: Polytrauma v intenzivní medicíně. Praha: Grada, 2003.

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