Infectious Diseases, Basic Microbiology, Hygiene, Epidemiology and Immunology

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17BZPCH Z,ZK 2 1P+1C Czech
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Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

The student is thoroughly familiar with the methods used for field work in epidemiology of communicable diseases, as well as in environmental epidemiology, disease non-infectious origin and methods of work en solution used in the field of epidemiology of communicable diseases, as well as in environmental epidemiology, disease non-infectious origin, and address a number of priorities for public health.


Credit will be awarded based on 2 tests and attendance at the practice axercises. Permitted is one excused absence, in laboratory exercises must be replaced. Dates and contents shown in

schedule subject.

Exam conditions: the knowledge test for its completion is required at least 60%, after oral exam.

Caution: intervals between repeated examinations must not be shorter than seven days.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction. Fields: microbiology, immunology and epidemiology, and their area of interest. Infectious agents. Bacteria. The normal microbial flora of the human body. Antimicrobial treatments. Mycotic (fungal)

2. Antiinfectious immunology

3. Epidemiological methods.

Principles of surveillance. Epidomiologgy od infection diseases.

4. Viral diseases. Nomenclature of bavterial diseases.

5. Bacterial diseases: Acute respiratory diseases. Intestinal disease.


Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Parasitic infections and diseases transmissible to humans.

Nosocomial infections and antibacterial resistance.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Methods of sterilization. Methods of cultivation and the system of bacteriology

2.Imunization, vaccination in the Czech Republic

3.Methods of epidemiology and epidemiological studies

4. Cultivation of bacteria. Microscopic detection of bacteria

5.Identification, Gramm- staining. Nosocomial infections

Study Objective:

To acquaint students with methods of work used in the field of epidemiology of communicable diseases, but also in environmental epidemiology.

In another part of the course, students are acquainted with the problems of non-infectious disease origin and resolving a wide range of public health priorities.

Study materials:

GÖPFERTOVÁ, D., PAZDÍRA P., DAŇOVÁ J. : Epidemiologie, Karolinum, Praha, 2006.

PODSTATOVÁ, H. : Mikrobiologie, epidemiologie, hygiena, Epava, Olomouc, 2001.

LOBOVSKÁ A., a kol. : Infekční nemoci, Karolinum, Praha, 2001.

PODSTATOVÁ, H. : Hygiena zdravotnických zařízení a nová legislativa, Epava, Olomouc, 2002.

Recommended reading:

ZLOCH, Z. : Kapitoly z hygieny pro bakalářské medicínské studium, Karolinum, Praha.

Současně platná legislativa vztahující se k:

předcházení vzniku a šíření infekčních onemocnění

očkování proti infekčním nemocem

ochraně veřejného zdraví

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