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Design of Tools and Plastic Parts

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E211106 Z,ZK 3 2P+1C English
Garant předmětu:
Gabriela Achtenová
Gabriela Achtenová
Gabriela Achtenová
Department of Automotive, Combustion Engine and Railway Engineering

The topic gives overview of technological procedure of manufacturing of plastic parts, and basics of designing manufacturing tools followed with guidelines for plastic parts design.


Information on the organisation of the course, special conditions for the award of ungraded assessment, graded assessment or examination and study materials can be found on the study material server https://studium.fs.cvut.cz/studium/u12120/E211106_DTP .

Syllabus of lectures:

1 - Introduction and global design approach

2 - General overview of polymeric materials

3 - Main plastics families and thermo-mechanical properties 1

4 - Main plastics families and thermo-mechanical properties 2

5 - Automotive applications - specific problems, associate materials

6 - Automotive applications - examples and comparison with other materials

7 - Main manufacturing processes 1

8 - Main manufacturing processes 2

9 - Rheological and thermal aspects 1

10 - Rheological and thermal aspects 2

11 - Specific case of injection moulding process - specific problems, part design methodology and process optimization

12 - Specific case of injection moulding process - study of specific parts design, case of elastomeric and thermosets materials injection.

13 - Other manufacturing processes

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:

At the end of this course, students should demonstrate:

- general knowledge of the properties of polymeric materials in relation to typical engineering (automotive) applications.

-general knowledge associated with polymer transformation processes.

-understanding of the interactions between polymer materials and processing.

-Mastery of a methodology for the design of plastic parts and associated processing tools, including process optimization and economic analysis.

Study materials:

1) Lecturing material and hand-outs

2) J.P. Trotignon, J. Verdu, A. Dobraczynski, M. Piperaud: Précis des matières plastiques (structure-propriétés, mise en oeuvre, normalisation)

3) J.F. Agassant, P. Avenas, J-P. Sergent, B. Vergnes, M. Vincent: La mise en forme des matières plastiques

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