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17BZBLG Z,ZK 3 1P Czech
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Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

Students will learn about the basics of general biology course. They will be discussed in the chapter on cellular and subcellular level. Chapters will be routed to a general biology, the organization of living systems, organization and function of cells. Cytology - prokaryotic cell, eukaryotic cell: biological membranes and their functions, ion channels, membrane organelles, cytoskeleton. Biochemistry of the cell. Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Cell (genetic information, transcription, translation, post-translational modifications). Cell cycle and its regulation (mitosis, meiosis). Cell differentiation. Apoptosis, necrosis. Basics of genetics, cytogenetics, and autosomal inheritance gonosomální. Principles of Immunogenetics (primary and secondary immunodeficiencies). Mutagenesis, teratogenesis and carcinogenesis. Karyotype. Chromosomal aberrations (numerical and structural). Principles of population genetics. Genetic counseling and prognosis. General Ecology.



voluntary attendance at lectures, completion of final test with a success rate above 80%


1st Granted credit

2nd The written test demonstrating knowledge of the first (proper) time and the first correction term (the second term). The success of the test at least 80%.

3rd The second trial (the third term) = + if test and oral exam. Test results lower than 75%, including the automatic is rated as failed and oral exam is performed. The test results between 76% -85% are completed, including an oral exam. The test results better than 85% of the grade passed and they are not accompanied by an oral examination.

4th Tests are not published and are available to students after the test


note: the interval between the sound and repeat examination or corrective tests must be at least seven

Syllabus of lectures:

Introduction to general biology, molecular bases cytology

Structure and function of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. The cell as an open thermodynamic system

Organization of genetic memory. cell cycle

Introduction to genetics, gene linkage, gene interaction. Heredity and sex

Immunogenetics. Mutagenesis. Carcinogenesis. teratogenesis

Population genetics. Genetic prognosis. General Ecology. Credit test

Consultation and midterm week

Syllabus of tutorials:


Study Objective:

The goal is to give students an overview of the structure of living matter. Attention is paid to the structure and function of cells.

Furthermore, the lectures attention is directed to the function of cell organelles, cell cycle, and genetics.

Study materials:

[1] Nečas, O. a kol. - Obecná biologie pro lékařské fakulty. H+H Jinočany 2000

[2] Rosypal, S. a kol. - Nový přehled biologie. Scientia Praha 2003

Recommended reading:

[1] Alberts, B. et al. - Základy buněčné biologie. Espero Publishing 1998

[2] Kapras, J.,Kohoutová, M.- Kapitoly z lékařské biologie a genetiky I. Karolinum

[3] Soukupová, M.,Soukup F. - Kapitoly z lékařské biologie a genetiky II. Karolinum

[4] Kapras, J., Kohoutová, M., - Kapitoly z lékařské biologie a genetiky III. Karolinum

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