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Medical Biophysics

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17BZZB Z,ZK 3 1P+1C Czech
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Department of Health Care Disciplines and Population Protection

The goal is to obtain basic information about the nature of the effects of physical factors on the organism. Further clarify the basic biophysical principles of physiological and pathophysiological processes and processes in the human body and explain the basic mechanisms of the effects of selected physical factors on living systems, focusing on electricity, optical radiation, ultrasound, ionizing radiations, biophysics of organs and tissues.


Granting of credit is required 80% attendance at seminars. Another condition is the coherent processing of paper on a given topic, including presentations during the exercise.

Examination: The first term exam is in written form (23 test questions + 7 questions to supplement). Scoring the test: 30 to 29 correct answers = 1 (A) 28 to 27 correct answers = 1.5 (B) 26 to 24 correct answers = 2 (C) 23 to 22 correct answers = 2.5 (D ) 21 to 19 correct answers = 3 (E) ˇ 18 correct answers = 4 (F).

Correction terms are a form of oral examination with at least one week apart. The test may apply only to students who have been granted credit.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Influence to physical factors on the human body (use of centrifugal forces in health care, overload and weightlessness, Biophysical aspects of space flight; Effects of external pressure on the organism, the vacuum effect on the organism; Effect of pressure on the organism)

2.BIOFYZIKA CELL (resting membrane potential and action; Physical principles of breathing, blood circulation and blood pressure - physical basics)

ASPECTS OF TEMPERATURE CONTROL 3.BIOFYZIKALNI, USE OF HEAT AND COLD (Control of body temperature, temperature measurement, infrared radiation; Baths, locally applied heat treatments, cold, cold use in medicine (cryotherapy); Freezing Chamber)

4.ELEKTRICKY CURRENT (General Characteristics, Passive electrical properties of the tissue effects of electric current, electric current use in medicine, Direct current, alternating current of low frequency, alternating current high frequency (several kHz), high frequency currents and electromagnetic waves, electrical shock accidents ; lightning; active electrical properties of excitatory tissue Elektroklima)

5.OPTICKÉ RADIATION, EYE (optical radiation, visible light, theory of color perception, physiological and psychological effects of color, visual illusions, healthy eye, eye defects and correction of defects; Hygiene workplace lighting, equipment and devices using optical methods, ultraviolet radiation, infrared radiation)

6.IONIZUJICI RADIATION (Characteristics of ionizing radiation, units of radioactivity, types of radioactive decay, X-rays, neutrons, cosmic radiation, biological effects of ionizing radiation; Direct and indirect effects of ionizing radiation, radiosensitivity)

7.OCHRANA BEFORE external irradiation (Stochastic and deterministic effects of ionizing radiation; Life cells affected by radioactivity, acute radiation sickness; devices for personal protection and dosimetry of gamma radiation, scintillation camera, tomographic scan, X-rays, radiotherapy, therapeutic use of X-rays; Therapy using gamma rays)

Syllabus of tutorials:

Construction materials.

The conversion of energy in the body.

Sedimentation of blood.

Centrifugal force.

External pressure and body.


Biophysical aspects of temperature control, use of heat and cold.

Influence of humidity on the organism.

Noise and audiometry.

Listening, percussion, palpation.


Biological membranes, membrane resting and action potential.

Electric current.

Breathing, breathing physical basis. Circulation.

Optical radiation, eye, and apparatus using optical methods.

Biomechanics, deformation of solid bodies and its importance in health care.

Ionizing radiation.

Acute radiation sickness / syndrome. Phase of acute radiation sickness. Treatment of medullary syndrome YES.

The use of ionizing radiation in medicine.

Laser and its application in health care.

Nuclear magnetic resonance.

Study Objective:

To acquaint students with the nature of physical processes and the influence of physical forces on the body.

Students are gradually introduced to the issue of damage to the body as mechanical, thermal and light energy. In another part of the course, students are also familiarized with the possibilities of damage by ionizing radiation.

Study materials:

[1]Rosina, J., Kolárová, H., Stanek, J.: Biofyzika pro studenty zdravotnickych oboru. nakl.: Grada, 1. vyd., 2006. ISBN 978-80-247-1383-0.

[2]Navrátil, L., Rosina, J.: Medicínská biofyzika, Grada, Praha 2005.

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