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Real-time Systems

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BIE-SRC KZ 4 2P+2C English
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Department of Digital Design

Students obtain the basic knowledge in the Real-Time (RT) theory and in the design methods for RT systems including the dependability issues. Thereticla knowledges from lectures will be experimentally verified on the practical labs of the Department of Digital Design. This subject is mainly based on embedded R-T systems, therefore the first used design kits are the same as in BI-VES subject.


C programming skills (C languiage), BI-VES design kits, FPGA EDA tools

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Real-time systems properties.

2. Dependability issues.

3. Hard and soft RT- systems.

4. R-T systems models.

5. Schedulers.

6. Static scheduling

7. Priority scheduling

8. Resource access control.

9. R-T Operating systems.

10. Real-time communication.

11. Examples.

12. Programing languages for R-T applications.

13. Fault-tolerant and attack-resistent systems.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Demo example, PIC24F structure.

2. Dependability models and computations.

3. Task 1. Instruction and implementation on PIC24F.

4. Presentation of task 1. Task 2 instructions.

5. R-T models.

6, Test 1. Presentation of task 2 implementation.

7. Task 3. Instruction and methods to solve it.

8. Realization of task 3.

9. Multitask 4. Instruction and methods to solve it.

10. Task 4 solving.

11. Presentation of task 4 implementation.

12. Final test.

13. Assessment.

Study Objective:

The main aim of this subject is to cover basic knowledges from the real-time system area and to show their practical implementation for embedded applications.

Study materials:

1. LIU, Jane, W.S.: Real-Time Systems. Prentice-Hall, ISBN 0-13-099651-3

2. Kopetz, H.: Real-Time Systems. Springer, ISBN 978-1-4419-8236-0

3. Lavagno, L., Martin, G., Selic, B.: UML for Real. Design of Embedded Real-Time Systems. Kluwer Academic Publishers 2003, ISBN 1-4020-7501-4

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