Graphical Design

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A7B39GRT KZ 5 2P+2S Czech
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Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction

The course grants an overview of graphical design and typography. It includes also a practical training in creating graphical design of electronical documents and hand drawing.


No prerequisities. More information: https://cent.felk.cvut.cz/courses/GRT/

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction to the graphical design - history, state-of-art.

2. Drawing a: the way of perception, transformation of reality into drawn work.

3. Drawing b: styles, differences in hand painted pictures.

4. Drawing c: model and imagination.

5. Drawing d: lines, preparation for drawing.

6. Composition - the space for a graphical expression, harmony.

7. Colors - basic principles of color composition.

8. Typography - rules, font types, basic terms.

9. Basics of photography.

10. Combination of drawing, photography and font.

11. Geometric elements, animation, video.

12. Special effects.

13. Complex design.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. The task 1: drawing.

2. Basics of coutour drawing.

3. Drawing design.

4. Check point for task 1.

5. Evaluation of task 1, start of task 2. - color design.

6. Training of the color composition.

7. Design of individual color solution.

8. Checkpoint for task 2.

9. Evaluation of task 2, start of task 3 - typesetting.

10. Typographic design of document.

11. Check point for the task 3, task 4 - photography.

12. Design and realization of a photographic work.

13. Evaluation of the task 4.

Project: Four tasks will be solved during the course by each student. The tasks are oriented to hand drawing, color composition, typographic design and photography.

Study Objective:

The purpose of the course is to grant knowledge and skills needed for creating of individual graphics design.

Study materials:

1. Brožková Ivana: Dobrodružství barvy. SPN, Praha 1983. In Czech.

2. Hlavsa Oldřich: Typographia I, II, III. SNTL Praha 1976, 1981. In Czech.

3. Parramón José Maria, Pechová Magdaléna: Velká kniha o kresbě; Historie, malířsky ateliér, materiály a postupy, náměty, teorie a praxe olejomalby. Nakladatelství Svojtka a Vašut, Praha 1996. ISBN 80-7180-093-7. In Czech.

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