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Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction

Students will be acquainted with fundamental principles of testing of user interfaces. The lectures will cover the most important topics in this particular field in necessary extent. This extent will allow the students to test user interfaces in a given context that is defined, besides other aspects, by life cycle of software products. Important part of the course are issues dealing with user interfaces for special classes of user interfaces (handicapped users, user interfaces for mobile devices etc.). In the framework of seminars and labs the students will go through the whole cycle of the test design including creation of the test infrastructure and considering ethical issues during testing. Integral part of testing pis also evaluation of test results - the students will be acquainted with the evaluation methodology.




Syllabus of lectures:

1.Introduction in user interface design

2.Design of a user interface and the software life cycle

3.Methods of the user interface design, formal description, models

4.Definition of the term ?usability?, user centered design

5.User interface prototyping (paper mock-ups, software tools)

6.General methods for user interface testing

7.Usability testing I.

8.Usability testing II.

9.Psychological issues in the user interface design

10.Ergonomic aspects of user interface design

11.Special user interfaces (mobile environment, handicapped users, etc.)

12.Collaborative user interfaces

13.Multimodal user interfaces

14.New trends in user interface design

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Problems of bad user user interface design (assignement 1)

2.Analysis of examples of web based interfaces

3.Analysis of examples of web based interfaces

4.Design of a formal description of a user interface (e.g. vending machine)

5.Design of a user interface by means of mock-up

6.Design of a user interface by means of a prototyping toll (Denim, HTML, Flash, Visual Basic etc.)

7.Examples of test evaluation (statistics, tools...) Semestral project assignement

8.Preparation of tests in usability lab

9.Tests in usability lab

10.Tests in usability lab

11.Evaluation of tests in usability lab

12.Modification of the designed user interface for special class of users (mobile environment, handicapped users etc..)

13.Presentation of selected semestral projects


Study Objective:
Study materials:

Shneiderman,B.: Designing the User Interface, 2002, Addison Wesley, Reading, MA

Nielsen, J.: Usability Engineering, 1993, Academic Press, Boston, MA

Galitz,W.: The Essential Guide to User Interface Design, 2002, John Willey& Sons, Inc. New York

Heinsen,S., Vogt, P.: Usability praktisch umsetzen, 2003, Hanser, Muenchen

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