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Department of Economics, Management and Humanities

Introduction to constitutional system in the Czech Republic. Introduction to general EU structure, legal system of European Union. Administrative law and administrative procedure. Administrative justice and execution of the administrative decisions. Introduction to building regulation - basic concepts, rights and duties of the parts, material and local competency of administrative bodies, public control. Introduction to copyright law - basic concepts, copyright obligation relationships, physical and legal entities, public control. Introduction to criminal law, basic concepts, rights and duties legal remedies, public control. International law protection in criminal law matters, the territorial principle in European Union, execution of the decisions, extradiction.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.General part i introduction to constitution system.

The constitution of the Czech Republic, charter of fundamental rights and basic freedoms, public international law and private international law, enforcement of international treaties.

2.Introduction to legal system of European Union.

Legal system of European Union, legal liability and enforcement of European Union decisions.

3.Special part i introduction to administrative law.

Basic concepts, public administration bodies and local authority bodies direct and delegate competency, competency of administrative bodies, general and specific conditions for exercise of public power.

4.Administrative procedure

Character and conditions of administrative decision, procedural position of parts, legal remedies, execution of administrative decisions.

5.Introduction to building regulations.

Character and conditions for application of building regulations, position of legal subjects, liability and execution of the decisions made by the construction administration, legal remedies.

6.Introduction to copyright law

Character and conditions of copyright law, subjects and objects of copyright law, execution of rights and duties of entitled persons.

7.Administration of copyright law

Registration places, authorization of subjects to exercise copyrights.

8.Types of contracts

Legal regulation of contracts, legal subjects, contents, obligatory and facultative contractual appurtenances.

9.Special part ii introduction to criminal law.

Basic terms, material and local competency, criminal proceedings, bodies responsible for penal proceedings, presumption of innocence, procedural position of the accused, defendant and of convicted person, legal remedies, international arrest warrant, extradition.

10.Selected criminal matters

Subjective and objective part of criminal offence, offences against property, protection of the intellectual property, enforcement of the law and execution proceedings in the czech republic and european union.

11.- 12.Introduction to administrative justice.

Basic concepts, legal subjects, rights and duties of the parts, legal remedies, public control.

13.Exercise of administrative court ´s decisions.

Appurtenances of court ´s decisions, types of execution decisions, prejudice of the judges, ex tunc and ex nunc effects.

14.International protection of human rights and freedoms

Legal regulation of international treaties, legal subjects, content, enforcement, specifications of European Union members.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Administrative law

Seminar - analysis of administrative decisions, creation of legal remedies, administrative decision outside appellate procedure, decision concerning execution of administrative act

2.Building regulation

Training - elaboration of proposition concerning change of planning permission appellation against instigation of proceedings to remove unlicensed construction, proposition of removing of unwanted stage, approval procedure

3.Copyright law

Seminar - elaboration of copyright contract, analysis of author-publisher contract, copyright contract for creation of software.

4.Criminal law

Seminar - elaboration of legal remedies, complaint against opening of criminal prosecution, legal grounds for appellate procedure

5.Criminal law

Training - elaboration of the complaint against opening of criminal prosecution, constitutional complaint, complaint on breach of the law.

6.Administrative justice

Seminar - appurtenance of administration action, legal remedies.

7.Solving of disputes concerning protection of person and property

Training - elaboration of complaint of breach of the human rights and freedoms, appurtenances of pleadings, procedure regulations for acceptance and refusing of pleadings.

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