Design Studio 1M

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129ADM1 KZ 8 7C English
Garant předmětu:
Marco Bruno Andrade Maio
Marco Bruno Andrade Maio, Adam Bohatý, Muhammad Moeed Hassan
Department of Architecture

The first master's project differs from the Bachelor's project given the topic and scope, which corresponds to the level of information. Priority will be sent out issues that were not included in the Bachelor program, either in terms of typology (production, business, culture), the type of creative work (renovation, conversion) or by other factors (environment, energy intensity). The proposed buildings are always in a specific environment, are used for entering and student architectural competitions. The project scope at the level of architectural studies, extended by a specific assignment of a crucial detail - both artistic, architectural and technical and technological, including calculations. The project aims to simulate a real situation, with which the student / architect will meet after graduation. Foreign and Czech students are teaching together in order to get opportunity to debate architectonic issues.


Mandatory and active participation in classes, maximum 3 excused absences

Submitting the work in the form of a prescribed report

Submission of work on time.

Syllabus of lectures:

Individual lectures with guests - related to the project and thematic.

Syllabus of tutorials:

01: Assignment of the semestral project

The explanation of spatial, urban and functional context

Information on the schedule of the semester, getting acquainted with the tasks and check deadlines etc.

02 :Excursion o the construction site

Collective analyses of the sight – spatial contexts, surrounding environment, the specifics of the sight – scale, orientation and sun exposure, ecological aspects. Background research on current architecture along with the analysis of the function and typology in the form of a team presentation in connection with the studio assignment, a discussion on the topic.

03 – 07: Defining of the concept and architectural design of the building – searching for the lay-out and spatial contexts, validation of the building's scale and proportions by means of perspective sketches and case models.

First presentation – concept approval.

08 – 12: Architectural design – basic building technical solution, architectural, material and color solution. Finalization of the architectural design and the second presentation. Finishing of the architectural design and second presentation.

13: Work on the final presentation – graphic set-up of the poster, finishing of the physical model. The poster can be a combination of computer graphics and hand drawing. Preparation of portfolio and a bound sketch - book containing design development (in width A3 format)

Study Objective:

Understanding of principles of an architectural design and light. To create an architectural design of a building with a specific content, in the context of the surrounding environment, with an emphasis on spatial concept, logic and clarity of basic layout functions.

Study materials:

Periodicals, including: Wettbewerb aktuel, Detail, Architekt, Stavba, Stavebnictví a interiér, materials for construction

Time-table for winter semester 2023/2024:

(parallel nr.101)
Thákurova 7 (budova FSv)
Time-table for summer semester 2023/2024:
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