Airborne Monitoring and Control Systems

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Department of Measurement

The course is determined for students studying Aeronautics and Astronautics specialization. It provides detailed knowledge about airborne monitoring and control systems used on boards of aircrafts and spacecrafts nowadays, GPWS, ISN, FADEC, and EEC included. Full automatic monitoring and controlling systems of aircraft and spacecrafts propulsions are taught as well. Furthermore, the course focuses on descriptions of hierarchical structures of these systems and their networks. Partially it focuses on types of flight simulators and unmanned aerial vehicles, and military applications.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Analog and digital airborne monitoring systems and their hierarchical structures

2. Principles and methods for assuring the safety of the airborne systems and subsystems

3. Methods and means for avionic systems programming

4. Avionics systems and their software certification procedures

5. Means and subsystems of aircraft and spacecraft monitoring systems

6. Propulsions automatic control systems (FADEC, EEC etc.)

7. Flight data recorders

8. Primary and secondary airborne displays and their usage with EFIS, ECAM, EICAS, GPWS

9. Inertial navigation systems (INS) - principles, types and used sensors

10. INS integration into control systems

11. Systems of unmanned aerial vehicles and small aircrafts 12. Principles and systems for a crew training

13. Systems of military aircrafts and satellites

Syllabus of tutorials:
Study Objective:
Study materials:

1. Davies M.: The standard handbook for aeronautical and astronautical engineers. McGRAW-HILL 2002

2. Fortescu P., Stark J., Swinerd G.: Spacecraft Systems Engineering. John Wiley&Sons, Ltd. 2003

3. Moir I., Seabridge A.: Aircraft systems. John Wiley&Sons, Ltd. 2008

4. Spitzer C. R.: Avionics development and implementation. CRC Press 2007

5. Lewis, Stevens.: Aircraft control and simulation. Willey New York, 1992.

6. McRuer, Ashkenas, Graham.: Aircraf dynamics and automatic control. Princeton University Press Princeton, 1990

7. Nelson, R., C.: Flight Stability and Automatic Control, McGraw-Hill, 1989, 1998 ISBN: 0-07-046273

8. CanAerospace - http://www.canaerospace.net/

9. MSDN - http://msdn.microsoft.com/

10. Simulace chování leteckých přístrojů - http://www.luizmonteiro.com/

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