Power and Heat Production

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AE1M16VEN KZ 5 2+2s English
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Department of Economics, Management and Humanities

Power sources, energy processes, general power plant, power balance and charakteristic curves. Review of energy production technologies (conventional and non conventional) - electricity, steam, hot water, coal, liquid fuels, gas. Power generation stations, their basic parts, their basic operational charakteristic curves and calculations, operation, control. Enviromental effects of power generating and actions of their minimization.



Subject Power Machinery Equipment or equivalent.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Common power facilities, power balance, charakteristics

2.Stiff energy fuels: clasification, qualities

3.Liquid and gas energy fuels

4.Establishments of electrical energy and heat production, clasification

5.Technological processdes in heat power plants

6.Combustion processes, mass and energy balance

7.Liquidation of poisonisious harmful (SO2, Nox) - economic consequences

8.Mass and energy balance calculation of steam boiler and mashine room

9.Water economy of heat power plants and cooling system

10.Power plants with gas turbines and steam - gas cycles

11.Nuclear power plants, clasification, nuclear fuel

12.Nuclear power plant efficiency, nuclear fuel consumption

13.Water power plants - qualities, charakteristics

14.Other sources of electrical energy and heat

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Basic knowledge test

2.Technically-economical indexes (efficiency, consumption ratio, loss ratio) 3.Calculation of stiff energy fuel quality

4.Calculation of liquid and gas energy fuels quality

5.Calculation examples of combustion processes

6.Efficiency calculation of steam boiler by direct and indirect method

7.Mass and energy balance calculation of steam producer - test

8.Water need and consumption calculation of heat power plants

9.Condensation index calculation

10.Calculation of steam - gas cycle

11.Calculation of nuclear fuel - fork ratio, cycle of enrichment

12.Calculation of nuclear fuel consumption

13.Examples of technically - economical calculations of Water power plants

14.Final test

Study Objective:
Study materials:

1.Turner, C.: Energy Management Handbook. Lilburn USA, The Fairmont Press 1995

2.Pansini A. J., Smalling K. D.: Guide to Electric Power Generation. Farmont Press 2005.

3.Kiameh P.: Power Generation Handbook. McGraw-Hill 2003.


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