Power Machine Equipment

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Department of Electric Drives and Traction

Analysis of basic functions and operational accidents for power engineering. Quantitative and qualitative balance energy of machine equipment. Analysis of influence breakdowns of machine equipment, modes of regulation power output of power machine equipment. Operating optimisation. Operation properties of power machine equipment of power plant.

Syllabus of lectures:

1.Basic cycles of power plants, energy balances, determination of basic operating parameters.

2.Qualitative evaluation of basic heat technical process, method increase of thermal efficiency.

3.Equipment for transport liquids and gas, principle, characteristics, working point.

4.Steam turbines, principal, operation, regulation possibility, regulation efficiency.

5.Regulation power output of heat cycles, extraction turbine, bleeder turbine.

6.Condensation, cooling cycles, analysis operating failures of condensation systems.

7.Co-operation and operating structures of machine equipment in power engineering.

8.Basic types of boilers, energy balances, operating parameters, regulation possibility.

9.Economy and ecology effects of cogeneration production, trends, little cogeneration.

10.Steam-gas heat cycles, trends, limits of utilisation, ecology effect.

11.Long-distance traffic of heat, economy effects, technical problems.

12.Secondary cycle JE, analysis function, basic operating parameters, ecology problems.

13.Scrap energy in power engineering, heat pumps, energy balance, regulation.

14.Hydroelectric power plants, basic types of hydraulic turbines, energy balance, regulation.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Orientation calculation of basic economy parameters heat cycle with condensing turbine.

2.Qualitative evaluation of basic energy transformation heat cycle with steam turbine.

3.Evaluation influence of failure reconditioning of heat water.

4.Power consumption of centrifugal pump, change of working point.

5.Power consumption of centrifugal fun, change of working point, saving of energy.

6.Power consumption of extraction steam turbine, influence of change rate of flow.

7.Influence of regulation power output on basic economy parameters.

8.Influence breakdowns of condensation and cooling cycle on basic economy parameters.

9.Basic qualitative and quantitative balance of steam boiler, total heating value, heating values.

10.Basic calculation of little cogeneration production, economy and ecology effects.

11.Power consumption of steam-gas heat cycles, trends, ecology effect.

12.Basic calculation of long-distance traffic of heat. Influence of basic operating parameters.

13.Secondary cycle JE, basic balance of water separator and superheater.

14.Basic calculation of heat pump on waste heat.

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Study materials:

1) Cengel,Yunus A. Thermodynamics An Engineering Approach. ISBN 0-07-288495-9 McGraw-Hill 2006.

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