Power Engineering 1

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Department of Electrical Power Engineering

The subject provides basic knowledge about the CR power system structure and operational characteristics and electrical power systems. Then it informs about the electric strength of insulators, machines and other power system devices. It presents knowledge about damaging phenomena of insulation systems and procedures for their elimination. It enables to meet insulation systems testing and diagnostics problems.


Requirements to obtain the assessment are exercises attendance and a term thesis elaborating.

Successful exam passing is determined in the Study and Examination Code of CTU in Prague.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Electrical power system.

2. Electrical power sources.

3. Nuclear and hydro power plants.

4. Transmission systems of electrical energy.

5. Electrical power distribution systems.

6. Testing and high voltage laboratories equipment.

7. High voltage measuring techniques.

8. Electrical strength of insulation systems.

9. Electrical discharges in power systems.

10. Switching and protective devices.

11. Failures states in electrical power systems.

12. Testing and diagnoses.

13. Electrical power engineering and the environment.

14. Renewable power sources.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Safety rules for work in laboratories and in service.

2. Practising of power plant fundamentals.

3. Power engineering calculations.

4. Power plants calculations.

5. Introduction to the ATP-EMTP program.

6. Application of the ATP-EMTP program for problems solving.

7. Dimensioning of power lines.

8. High voltage measurement.

9. Electrical strength of insulators.

10. U50 identification by the standard method.

11. Using "up and down? method for determining U50.

12. Creeping discharges on the insulators boundary.

13. Electrical strength of the configuration peak-board.

14. Laboratory records check and assessment.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

Girsby L.L.: Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution, Third Edition, CRC Press, FL 2012

Haynes G.: Electric Power Transmission. American Press, New York 2017.

Study materials are available at www.powerwiki.cz.

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