Electrical Sources and Systems

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Department of Electrical Power Engineering

The subject is focused on the task of power quality, its operational criteria and improvement possibilities. There are also discussed specific tasks of dispersed generation and electrical systems. The student is then informed about basic electrical energy renewable sources and their connection possibilities to the system.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Power disturbances in distribution and industrial systems.

2. Higher harmonics and interharmonics voltages and currents in ES.

3. Voltage fluctuation and flicker.

4. Communication via powerlines, ripple control signal, PLC technologies.

5. Filtration-compensation devices. Power factor improvement in power engineering.

6. Electricity dispersed generation.

7. Supplying systems for electrical traction.

8. Powerline ampacity.

9. El. and mag. field calculation at powerlines and substations.

10. Water power plants.

11. Wind power plants.

12. Hydrogen economy, fuel cells.

13. Technical standards for small sources connection to ES.

14. Dispersed generation control.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Power disturbances calculation in systems.

2. Higher harmonics distribution in ES.

3. Voltage fluctuation and flicker checking.

4. Power quality measurement in LV system.

5. Power quality measurement in LV system.

6. Filtration-compensation station design.

7. Powerline ampacity calculation.

8. El. and mag. field calculation at HV overhead powerline.

9. Small water power plant design.

10. Wind farm design.

11. Fuel cell measurement.

12. Study of RES connection to ES.

13. Study of RES connection to ES.

14. Excursion - renewable sources.

Study Objective:

Requirements to obtain the assessment are exercises attendance and a term thesis elaborating.

Successful exam passing is determined in the Study and Examination Code of CTU in Prague.

Study materials:

Study materials are available at www.powerwiki.cz.

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