Principles and Applications of Optical Sensors with Practical Trainings

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11PAO ZK 2 2 Czech
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Jan Aubrecht
Jan Aubrecht
Jan Aubrecht
Department of Solid State Engineering

This course gives an introductory into the optical sensors. The fundamental principles of absorption, luminescence and SPR sensors are discussed for a wide range of application.Course description:

First part of this course gives an introductory into theory of the electromagnetic field. Second part describes the wave phenomena in mechanics and electromagnetism. Third part is devoted to introduction into atomic physics.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Introduction - definition of basic terms 2. Planar and optical fiber structure - theory of optical planar waveguides 3. Light sources and light detectors - division according to range of their usability 4. Fluorescence and absorption sensors - principles of fluorescence detection, fluorescence spectroscopy 5. OTDR - distributed detection 6. SPR - surface plasmon resonance 7. Photonics structures 8. User-oriented division of optical fibers

Syllabus of tutorials:

List of laboratory exercises: 1. Determination of lengths and attenuations of optical fiber by means of optical reflectometry methods 2. Measurements of spectral properties of planar waveguides by means of ATR method (Attenuated Total Reflection) 3. Measurements of spectral properties and characterisations of solutions - measurement of absorption and luminescence properties of optical reagents in liquid phase, measurements of pH value of solution by means of various optical methods, measurements of solution refractive index 4. Measurement of spectral properties and characterizations of optical fibers - numerical aperture measurement (refractive index), measurement of transmission properties of optical fibers versus bent radius, measurement of absorption and luminescence properties of optical fibers as optical sensors

Study Objective:

Knowledge:Fundamental knowledge of optics. Skills:Understanding of physical fundamental of principles and working of optical sensors and ability of design of basic measurement.

Study materials:

Key references: [1]. B. E. A. Saleh and M. C. Teich. Fundamentals of Photonics. John Willey and Sons, inc., 1991, Recommended references: [2]. R. Narayanaswamy, Otto S. Wolfbeis: Optical Sensors: Industrial, Environmental And Diagnostic Applications, Springer, 2004, ^^Media and tools: ^^laboratory with basic equipment for optics measurements

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