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XEP33NEP Z,ZK 4 2P+0S English
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Department of Cybernetics

Neuroprosthetics is concerned with the use of artificial devices to replace or improve the function of the human nervous system. The neuroprosthetic device in most widespread use is the cochlea implant with approximately 150,000 in use worldwide. In this course we will look at the different technologies involved, particularly in terms of implant construction and materials and their practical use. We will also see how such implants interact with the human nervous system, forming a bidirectional gateway both to monitor signals on the nervous system and to directly stimulate the human brain.As well as witnessing the exciting development of the field we will consider neuroprosthetics in terms of practical restorative use, not only in Cochlea implants but also for visual and motor repair. We will however also look at the possibilities of Neuroprosthetics for general human enhancement and investigate how the presenters own self experimentation fits into teh field. Whilst the course will focus on technical issues, it will be presented in a general way such that all students should be able to follow (i.e. a mathematical background is not a requirement). Indeed as this technology has immediate impact, societal, ethical and moral issues raised will also be discussed. The course is complementary to the lecture course given on Bionics: this set of lectures being specifically concerned with neural aspects - linking the human brain and nervous system with technology.


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[1]Warren E. Finn and Peter G. LoPresti: Handbook of Neuroprosthetic Methods (Biomedical Engineering), CRC Press, 2002. [2]K. Warwick, M. Gasson, B. Hutt, I. Goodhew, P. Kyberd, B. Andrews, P. Teddy and A. Shad.„The Application of Implant Technology for Cybernetic Systems“, Archives of Neurology, Vol. 60,No.10, pp1369-1373, October 2003.

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