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Perspectives in Millimetre and Submillimetre Technology

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A0M17TMS Z,ZK 5 2+2L Czech
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Millimetre and Submillimetre Technology (X17MSU)
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Department of Electromagnetic Field

The subject gives practical knowledge dealing with emerging technology in new progressive frequency bands. It gives the basement of millimeter and submillimeter technology and mutual interactions submm and optical technology. In frame of the subject the theoretical principles as well as specific approaches to solution of transmission lines, subsystems and links in mm and submm region are mentioned.


An active attendance of tutorials together with elaborated semester project have to be fulfilled to reach an ungraded assessment. Knowledge of the lectures is highly required. For an additional self-study, the literature [1]-[5] can be used.

Proportional contribution of the exam on the overall grading - 80%


Syllabus of lectures:

1.Measurement methods in millimetre and submillimetre wave band

2.Propagation of millimetre and submillimetre waves

3.Fundamentals of quasi-optics, submillimetre waves technology

4.Transmission lines in submillimetre band

5.Generation of millimetre and submillimetre waves

6.Technology for HF and microwave technique - chip mounting

7.Frequency selective surfaces - PBG

8.Periodical structures

9.Interactions of optical and microwave radiation

10.Chiral media and artificial dielectrics

11.Parts and subsystems in millimetre and submillimetre technology - antennas, switches

12.Parts and subsystems in millimetre and submillimetre technology - modulators, resonators, microwave holography

13.Adaptive antennas, intelligent cellular networks

14.Perspective antenna structures

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Basic measurement technique for millimetre waves

2.Material parameter measurement at millimetre frequencies

3.Assignment and preparing of the semester project

4.Design of guasi-optical link in millimetre wave band

5.Transmission line design in millimetre wave band

6.Vegetation attenuation measurement on millimetre waves

7.Frequency selective surfaces - PBG - measurement of FSS

8.Modelling and design of millimetre and submillimetre circuits

9.Design of quasi-optical parts

10.Construction and measurement of transmission line in millimetre wave band

11.Resonators for millimetre waves (laboratory demonstrations)

12.Design of resonator for millimetre waves

13.Spectroscopy measurement in submillimetre wave band

14.Antennas for millimetre and submillimetre waves

Study Objective:

Practical knowledge dealing with emerging technology in new progressive frequency bands.

Study materials:

[1] Goldsmith, P. F.: Quasioptical Systems: Gaussian Beam Quasioptical Propogation and Applications, IEEE Press Series on RF and Microwave Technology, New York, 1997.

[2] Santos, H.: Introduction to Microelectromechanical (MEM) Microwave Systems. Artech House, London 2000

[3] Kumar, A.: Antenna Design with Fiber Optics. Artech House, London 2001

[4] Siwiak, K.: Radiowave propagation and Antennas for Personal Communications. Artech House, London1998

[5] Woolard, D. L. , Loerop W. R. Shur, M. Terahertz Sensing Technology: Emerging Scientific Applications & Novel Device Concepts, World Scientific Publishing Company, 2004

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