Technical Documentation

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Department of Electric Drives and Traction

In the subject TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION students are acquainted with creation and defending of graphical and text technical documentation and with professional presentation in electro technical projects and design. Students are taught to fundamentals of technical drawing

(projection methods, representation, sectional views, dimensioning, qualitative parameters etc.), to technical standards, to creation of graphical documentation in electro-technical branches, to creation of technical text documentation. In one half of seminars are students acquainted with basics of the graphic editor AutoCAD

Syllabus of lectures:

1.. Introduction. Technical documentation types and classification. Production methods. Technical documentation standardisation

2.Presentation in technical documentation.

3.Determination of shape and dimension parameters in graphical technical documentation.

4.Determination of shape and dimension parameters in graphical technical documentation.

5.Text technical documentation creation principles and rules

6.Text technical documentation creation principles and rules.

7.Text technical documentation types and software tools for their creation.

8.Text technical documentation types and software tools for their creation.

9.Presentation basic rules

10.Professional presentation basic principles and methods.

11.Prescribing of qualitative parameters in technical documentation.

12.Drawing of electro-mechanical elements and connections.

13.Graphic symbols for electro-technical and electronics diagrams.

14.Drawing of electro-technical and electronics diagrams.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1.Seminar. Introduction, organization of training. Sketch of cube. Tasks setting.

2.Graphic editor AutoCAD. AutoCAD basic control. Drafting commands.

3.Seminar. Electro technical detail sketch.

4.Graphic editor AutoCAD. Draw and view commands.

5.Seminar. Text technical documentation electronic form creation.

6.Graphic editor AutoCAD. Modification commands.

7.Seminar. Presentation technique introduction. Electronic document handovering.

8.Graphic editor AutoCAD. Fill in blind drawings. Individual complex exercise.

9.Seminar. Electronic diagram draft sketch.

10.Graphic editor AutoCAD. Detail working drawing.

11.Seminář. Set tasks personál student professional presentation

12.Semester written test.

13. Seminar. Set tasks personal student professional presentation.

14.Graphic editor AutoCAD. Detail working drawing finalizing. Hand over works estimation. Assessment.

Study Objective:
Study materials:

[1]Novák F., Linkeová I.: Technical Documentation. Editorial ČVUT, Praha

[2]2004 Learning texts on the department web pages (http://k312.feld.cvut.cz/vyuka/TDO/).

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