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Transmission and Distribution of Electricity

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A1M15PRE Z,ZK 5 2+2s Czech
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Department of Electrical Power Engineering

The subject gives a complex overview about the electricity transmission and distribution task. It deals with particular elements technical parameters and gives information about the total behaviour in steady and transient states. Students are informed about supporting devices enabling safe and reliable operation.


Requirements to obtain the assessment are exercises attendance and a term thesis elaborating.

Successful exam passing is determined in the Study and Examination Code of CTU in Prague.

Syllabus of lectures:

1. Transmission and distribution system design, development strategy.

2. Distribution system topology and design.

3. Steady and transient states in ES.

4. Significant failure states.

5. Powerline mechanics.

6. Electrical stations.

7. Powerline protections and automatics.

8. Distance and comparative protections.

9. Supplying systems for industry and traction.

10. Synchronous machine in ES.

11. Electrical system operation stability.

12. Operations of island distribution areas with local sources.

13. Nonlinear consumers connection to the system.

14. Negative reverse impacts prediction and mitigation.

Syllabus of tutorials:

1. Distribution system design.

2. Overhead powerline design.

3. Overhead powerline mechanics calculations.

4. Transformer station design.

5. Failure states solution in the system with ineffectively grounded neutral point.

6. Simple protections setting calculations.

7. Distance protection setting calculations.

8. Distance protection setting calculations.

9. Design of supplying section for traction.

10. Island operation calculation in a distribution area.

11. Unbalanced states solution.

12. Synchronous machine steady states calculation.

13. Synchronous machine failure states calculation.

14. Reverse negative impacts measurement in the distribution system.

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Study materials:

Study materials are available at www.powerwiki.cz.

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